Love At First “Sight”: A Day With A New Perazzi O/U Shooting Sporting Clays

During the last two years, I had the pleasure of attending the SHOT Show and the Safari Club conventions. There, a friend introduced me to Perazzi USA, their staff, and Perazzi’s fine line of shotguns (and now limited production double rifles) made in Italy, sold through Perazzi USA.

I am a double rifle kind of guy and had limited sporting clays exposure. Nonetheless, I was immediately impressed by their relative newness to and success in the established European gun manufacturing market, steeped in hundreds of years of history. Not many companies can begin to claim to challenge and carve a niche in this market.

On Thursday, June 20, 2013, Governor Mike Pence held the First Annual Governor’s Shoot. At this time, I had the opportunity to shoot my friend’s new Perazzi 0/U 12-gauge shotgun ordered at the Shot Show in 2012 (everyone has to wait for a Perazzi, as each one is hand build). It is apparent to me in shooting it where Perazzi is different from the rest of its European brethren–true to history, but Perazzi is not constrained to all the“old ways”.

In fact, after spending day with the Perazzi, I am convinced a Perazzi is the perfect fusion of history, modern machining, and more advanced materials use to make the barrels and mechanical parts (excluding the 100-or-more-year-old tree stump used to make the stock and forearm). That is why Perazzi is chomping at the heels of more known brands in all price points.

To be fair, I have not shot at a “clay bird” of any type in more than twenty years. Most all of my current shooting is tactical; in fact, very few of my guns have wood on them. Yet, I spent a lot of my youth hunting, target shooting, and shooting clays. The overall lightweight of the Perazzi, extraordinary balance, and engineered-in pointability, made me–an out dated shooter in this class of shooting–feel and perform like a rock star.

I had a respectable showing, and when I “chased” the bird after making a basic timing mistake, I made up my share of extra on-point shots by the Perazzi, even though my training made me handle it like a carbine. The Perazzi is a shooter.

In short, the Perazzi is a work of art, but also a serious tool for shooters. If you need a shotgun (or double rifle o/u, as Perazzi is not making s/s yet) and want to make an investment to buy one of the best, a (your) Perazzi should be a serious consideration. In fact, I wanted to “borrow” the Perazzi for a little longer, well maybe forever. The Perazzi is now on my gun “wish list” with a Cabot .45 ACP, Barrett CQ (it just looks cool) and . . . .well stay tuned for other blog posts.

I am firearms attorney Bryan L. Ciyou, practicing at Ciyou & Dixon, P.C, in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to practicing firearms law in Indiana, and writing and teaching on the matter throughout United States and consulting with individuals and regional and national law firms on gun matters, I am an active shooter; this makes me a better attorney.

I appreciate good training and a good or great firearm, and sometimes blog about a few of the “special” ones. I hope you will be able to shoot a Perazzi and see how this make you think about a trap, skeet, and sporting clays shotgun. And if you feel the same way, add it to your gun collection. It is simply a “blast”, pun intended.