Part III: What You Need To Know About Buying Your First Gun Safe.

Part III: What You Need To Know About Buying Your First Gun Safe.


The final broad consideration when deciding to buy a safe is where to locate it and who will do the installation. By Gun Shows Today – your #1 source of gun show schedule dates and locations. Safes are usually heavy and may be cumbersome to position and take special equipment to place, such as a dolly to a crane. This should be determined before purchase is made. If the location is fixed, the safe may be hinged to open opposite normal or custom built to the space.

More practically, some safes have interior lighting and/or powered drying systems to avoid moisture build up to maintain a stable humidity. This may require the safe be placed near an electrical outlet. To be “safe”, think about this before the locksmith or installer arrives with your new safe. If you are willing to undertake the time and consideration of these threshold considerations, a safe may well be a better choice than a bank lock box or hiding your possessions under the mattress.

You decide.

At Gun Shows Today, we hope you find these considerations useful to your education about purchasing your own safe. Remember also, the best source of information about your safe and what meets your needs is found at a safe vendor set up at your local gun show or gun shop. Particularly with gun safes, there are numerous ways it can be configured, and a person familiar with firearms will help you make the most of you purchase decision!

Be “safe”.

Gun Shows Today Staff