For the better part of a year, all shooters who train on a regular basis have observed the commercial firearm and ammunition supply line dwindle to a trickle, particularly on consumable ammunition. Now in a market anomaly, the US ammunition supply is returning to normal, except for .22 LR.

I went to the 2014 SHOT show in hopes I could figure out some of mystery of ammunition supply, from price to supply. Well I didn’t, except ordinary rumors, war and fear and supply and demand. So like gas prices, no one seems to know–or will ever know. Dear readers, I at least tried.

All was not lost, I did get to follow up and meet a friend of friend, Christopher N. Roma, who is the founder and CTO of Trajectory Technologies, Inc. based now Cincinnati, Ohio.

Last fall, when I had to teach a continuing legal education class for attorneys in Nashville, Tennessee, I had the chance to get some gratis trigger time at the Nashville Armory, but didn’t have any ball 9mm. At that time, you were more likely to spot Big Foot than find practice ammo. I asked, and Trajectory provided. So now I met the man behind this mysterious, new ammunition brand.

Chris lives and breathes all things guns. In fact, his daily driver is a HUMVEE. He also runs one of the finest ranges in the United States in Cincinnati, Ohio area. It even has a 100-yard indoor rifle range.

Trajectory sells re-manufactured handgun ammunition and new manufactured rifle ammunition meeting Mil-Spec. If you are a dealer, procurement officer and need a reliable source of ammunition at competitive prices, I suggest trying Trajectory. I did. Handgun ammunition to linked .50 BMG, Trajectory can meet your ammunition needs.