1911’s Love ‘em or Hate ‘em

What am I referring to?  1911 pistols.  The 1911 was designed by Jim Browning in…you guessed it, 1911.  While there are multiple manufacturers and variations available now, they all have the distinctive shape and “tang”, as well as being a Single Action Semi-Automatic.  Often carried “Cocked and Locked”, meaning you have to rack the slide to chamber the first round, then set the safety to on to carry it.  You can’t decock the hammer to carry or it won’t fire.

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a few, and I’ve seen 1911s ranging from very basic to shiny chrome with pearl grip panels, enough to make the heart go pitter patter.  Also, the check book.  These things are expensive!  That is part of the love/hate relationship.  Dedicated 1911 shooters have usually invested 4 figures in their guns, and they are invested emotionally as well.  It is never the guns fault when there is a malfunction, it is the ammo or shooter error.  Well, as pretty as they are, I’ve seen a lot of malfunctions in classes, especially ones that require a volume of fire, 300 rounds or more.

These guns are classic, the can be pretty, and they are great for collectors.  For a defensive firearm, well, you may want to look toward a Modern Striker Fire pistol.  But, I give a lot of credit to the 1911 fans, they love their guns and will defend them with their last breath.

Safe Shooting.

Lynne Finch-Charlesworth

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