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The Second Ammendment


Hello Gun Shows Today visitors! I am so excited to provide you with some great firearms/shooting information in my future blogs. I am Kitty Austin and I have been shooting for over 45 years. My husband, Bill and I own Austin Originals, where we fabricate and carve pistol grips. We work in ivory, wood, and synthetic materials creating unique and personalized guns for our customers. I also teach self-defense to young mothers who want to learn non-physical ways to protect their homes, children and themselves from potential threats. I hold a certification as a NRA instructor for pistol, rifle and Read More >>

Deciding on a Handgun

How do you figure out what type of handgun to buy? Do you pick a revolver or semi-auto? How about the caliber? Do you need to ask questions when looking at a firearm? What questions do you ask? Questions like these and many more can be downright frustrating at times. I was at the Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show (the largest gun and knife show east of the Mississippi) this past weekend working my booth (Austin Originals) when a couple walked up to look at the grips on our table. As I approached them, the man asked if I could suggest a firearm for his wife. I’m always excited to help Read More >>

How Obamacare And The Healthcare Mandate Could Open The Door To Gun Grab. This is Huge! Wake Up!

Scotus’ Healthcare Decision: Implications of “Individual Mandate” for Future Firearms Regulation On Thursday, June 28, 2012, the United States Supreme Court (“Supreme Court”) handed down a landmark decision1 affirming the defining piece of legislation for the Obama Administration, literally reshaping the face of health care by 2014, in deciding whether what has been commonly referred to as “Obama-Care” passes constitutional muster. Continue reading on Read More >>

Introducing Gun Laws by State, 2012 Edition: Part V

The Reciprocal Carry Conundrum: Part V Determination of the Controlling Laws of the Reciprocal State: How to Conduct and Check Your Legal Research! A big part of legal education is “finding” the law. It seems fairly straight forward as it relates to firearms law and to some extent it is with routine questions. Laws will be local, state and/or federal. These laws are found in administrative rules, statutes and case law. Throughout this introductory series for, these sources of law have been identified and through, or Gun Laws by State, the book, the locations of Read More >>

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