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Stun Guns, Tasers, Pepper Spray, Personal Alarms and Knives – OH MY!

Let’s face it, toys are fun! Go to any gun show and you will find a plethora of fun things. But when it comes to self defense, some things are best left to the trained. Stun Guns. They look and sound simple, some models fit in your hand, two little prongs, put your opponent on the ground? Not so simple. You must make, and maintain contact. Mind you, your assailant is not likely to be happy about this, nor compliant. Tasers. These shoot two prongs out that are attached to the “weapon” by wires.  This does give you the advantage of distance, however, they are single use.  If you Read More >>

Legal Aspects of Personal Safety – Upcoming Event

1.12.2013 Legal Aspects of Personal Safety Bryan L. Ciyou, will be a panel guest at the Legal Aspects of Personal Safety seminar, discussing Gun Laws By State and how the new healthcare legislation opens the door for a gun grab and various other local (Indiana) and National gun law topics. Click here for more information and to download the flyer and registration form. Read More >>

A little History, a little looking ahead…

Gun Control is a hot topic, especially with the election drawing near.  To me, Gun Control is hitting what you aim at.  To some, Gun Control means banning guns from law-abiding citizens. Technically, criminals are already banned from having guns, or it is a crime to use one in the commission of a crime, but…try disarming the criminals.  Ask Mayor Bloomberg how well that worked for New York. Let’s look back at some history; Between 1997 and 2004, when President Obama was an Illinois state senator, he supported banning all forms of semi-automatic weapons (emphasis added). The Read More >>

Fast and Furious leads to Duck and Cover…Part II

The much anticipated Department of Justice Inspector General’s report titled “A Review of the ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious and Related Matters (REDACTED)” dated September 2012 runs 512 pages and contains few, if any surprises. In a nut shell, blame the local level Special Agents in Charge (SACs), many of who are identified as “former” in this report, and the people at the top of the chain, i.e., Attorney General Holder had no idea what was going on. In fact, Chapter 7.I.4.a reads; “Although the Office of the Attorney General received various weekly reports from components Read More >>

Fast and Furious leads to Duck and Cover

Researching Fast and Furious I find a lot of finger pointing back to the field office level. Are the lower level personnel being scapegoated to save attention from the higher levels? Where have we seen that before? Personally, the whole concept of deliberately allowing guns to “walk across the border” seems like a less than stellar idea. Then, US Attorney General Holder stated that banning guns in the US would help Mexico? That does seem to be opposite ends of the spectrum. Fast and Furious ran from 2009 to 2011 and while the number of deaths attributed to the program vary, one report Read More >>

Slide Stop versus Slide Release

The little button on the side of the gun that locks the slide in the open position is called a Slide Lock or a Slide Stop. So, why do some people call it a Slide Release? Because that is how they use it! First, it is a small, thin piece of metal and can break if used roughly over time, such as for a release. Second, your gun may fail to go into battery (ready to shoot) if you use the slide stop as a release, and you may not know until you are ready to shoot! Yikes! Don’t take my word for it. Look closely at your gun with the slide locked open. Note where the slide is in relation Read More >>

Blue Guns for Training?

What is a blue gun? It is a piece of plastic or wood that is shaped like a particular model of firearm but is completely inert, it is not capable of firing a projectile and has no moving parts. They are available in a wide variety of models. I have three. Why? A couple reasons, Training, Training and Training. I can use a blue gun in a class to demonstrate things such as grip. I will explain to students what it is, hit it against a table, but it allows me to point it in directions that would not be considered safe with a real gun (even though it has been unloaded and two safety checks Read More >>

Women Only Versus Mixed Gender Classes?

I have taught single gender classes, all men, but only because no women signed up for that class. I haven’t taught a Women Only class yet, but they are in the plan. However, why are women only classes becoming a trend? More women are coming into shooting, and taking initial training toward Self-Defense. That is obvious, and a good thing; women should know how to defend themselves and their families. I think there is fear of coming to a “Gun Class” and being surrounded by a bunch of good ole boys who will look down on, or snicker at, a woman in the class. Having taught a lot of classes Read More >>

Practice versus Carry Ammo?

Practice versus Carry Ammo

This question comes up a lot in classes, especially with new shooters.  Range, or practice, ammo is often a rounded bullet in a Full Metal Jacket (FMJ). It is available in all the standard calibers and the grains (the weight of the bullet) may vary. It is also less expensive than carry ammo. However, it can, and will, penetrate farther than what we think of as carry ammo, which is why, it isn’t recommended for personal defense. Carry ammo is generally a Hollow Point (or HP).  Again, available in all the standard calibers, various grains, etc. The HP bullet (which is the projectile Read More >>

Cover versus Concealment versus RUN!

Pistol hidden in belt

In light of the tragic, and seemingly random, shootings in the past few years it is critical to think about how you would respond if you were at your desk, at church, in a mall or even a crowded theater… and suddenly heard gun shots. What would you do? First, do you routinely take casual notice of the space around you? Is there cover, concealment, multiple exits? What is cover? A barrier will stop a bullet. A concrete block wall might serve as cover, but a standard interior wall will not. Concealment is something that hides you from view. It could be a curtain, a wall, a piece of Read More >>

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