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Gun Speak…Huh?

The wonderful world of shooting has a language all its own, like many hobbies and professions.  However, those on the outside can feel lost when listening in.  Imagine what someone might think when I talk about “throwing brass”?  You probably understand it means shooting but to someone not yet initiated it could sound like I’m tossing out sculptures.  What about “Lead Therapy”?  Most people understand “Retail Therapy” but you can get some really strange looks around the office is you say you’re heading out after work for some Lead Therapy.  Think about the “Brass Read More >>

Shopping for the Perfect Holiday Gun

So, you want to buy a new baby for your significant other? Great idea, right? Ask yourself, does your SO (significant other) shoot? Do you know what he or she likes? Have they expressed an interest? So often, people come to a beginner class with a gun their SO (usually Husband) bought for them. I’ve seen women come in with a Desert Eagle, a Judge, and a Ruger LCP. These are women who have never shot before! I’m sure there are a few men in this category, but I haven’t had one admit it (although I did buy my husband a shotgun for home defense without talking to him first). What Read More >>

NRA News Interviews Gun Law Book Author, Bryan L. Ciyou

NRANews Executive Producer John Popp spoke with firearms attorney and author Bryan L. Ciyou about the release of the 2012 edition of Gun Laws by State. With so many different laws on a local, state and federal level, the guide is essential for gun owners. Grab your copy of the book at Listen To The Interview Read More >>

Code Words to Protect Your Family or Loved Ones

Does your family have a “Code Word”?  If you had to send someone to pick up your children how would they know it was safe to go with a stranger?  If your home were invaded and a family member were able to escape and call the police, would they be able to provide the officers with a code word to call out to you in the house so you know it is the police? Code words should be simple, easy for everyone to remember and a family secret. You can use your code word to let the family know that there is an emergency, to check in with each other or to let them know that a stranger is Read More >>

Defending Your Home

Duty to retreat?  Castle Doctrine?  Stand Your Ground?  These are all legal concepts that vary from state to state.  The Gun Laws By State book available on this website can help you sort them out.  However, what about defending your family? First, do you have a plan?  Can you get your family together in one room if someone breaks in?  Does everyone know what to do?  Have you thought about what to do if someone comes in during the day?  Do you have an escape plan?  Have you practiced your plan? It is often said that “nothing in the house is worth dying for”, referring to Read More >>

It is Fall, Pumpkins, Turkeys…Deer on the Road

The air is crisp, the leaves are turning colors, soon there may be dustings of snow on the ground…and a significant increase in animals on the roads.  We don’t see them as much in summer, but this time of year most of us will see an increase in deer, and in you are farther north, in moose or caribou as well.  According to State Farm, November is the worst month for deer versus car accidents, and unfortunately, these can be fatal. The silent sirens that mount on the front of your bumper as a warning as said not to work.  So what can you do to avoid becoming a statistic? Know your Read More >>

Little Carbine BB Gun, Daisy Model 1998

So, you want to teach your little ones to shoot, but don’t want to necessarily start out with a Barrett .50 BMG?  Then it’s time to go shopping in “A Christmas Story” kind of way.  That’s right, get little Ralphie a Red Rider BB gun!  My 8 year girl saw one at the local GanderMountainthis summer and begged pops for one.  Even her 5 year old sister wanted one if it came in pink.  Well, who am I to refuse to share their sport with a loved one?  After the obligatory Chuck E. Cheese birthday party, big sis got the Pink Red Rider Little Carbine a few weeks later for her 9th Read More >>

Berretta 92G 9mm – Taking A Closer Look

In the spirit of getting the most bang for your buck, we will be reviewing this police trade in Berretta 92G 9mm purchased for the princely sum of about $425. Some of you may be saying, hey. I can get two fully functional Jennings.380s at the pawn shop for that kind of money. Yeah, you could; or you could get one of the best designed high capacity service pistols in the world. You know, the one the USmilitary carries into high mountain caves and back alleys around the world. Few people today recognize the heritage of this iconic firearm, with it’s roots traced directly back to the Walther Read More >>

Defensive Shooting Skills

Are you planning to use or carry a pistol for personal defense?  If you answered “no”…that’s fine, you can plink away at the range, if you said “yes”…have you heard of the Combat Focus Shooting (CFS) classes? You can be a beginner, or experienced, man or woman…one thing for certain, you will come away from one of these classes with a confidence in your defensive skills, or have taken them to a whole new level.  Don’t be deterred by the term “Combat”.  If you think about it, if you are using your firearm defensively you are in combat, you have the physical and Read More >>

UN sent to prevent voter suppression in U.S. Elections?

Yesterday, I came home from a day of teaching – tired as the semester is on the “down swing” and we have 5 weeks to go.  To my horror, yes to my horror – my husband asked if I had heard the news about “the UN “watching” the voting process in the United States?” Jessica Pieklo wrote in the Wall Street Journal that “In response to the concerted efforts by Republicans to suppress voter turn-out in the November election, civil rights groups have asked the world’s largest election monitoring organization to police the elections for fraud.”  First I was shocked that anyone Read More >>

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