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Holiday Gift Ideas

If you enjoy my posts, you know that I’m a strong advocate for professional training, and not teaching your significant other how to shoot, too much like trying to teach her to drive.  If your SO has expressed an interest, or curiosity, about learning to shoot but maybe isn’t quite ready to jump in, consider a book that is written by a woman for women called Taking Your First Shot from Skyhorse Publishing, available in hard cover or e-reader at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Cabellas. This book, which was released in July, has been very well received as an introduction for women to Read More >>

Where else can you find Lynne?

I enjoy writing for you here, but you can find me at my personal blog, Female and Armed or my book Taking Your First Shot.  Watch for my next book to be released in August of 2014 addressing security issues from making your home more secure to travel tips.  You can also find me between the covers of Combat Handgun Magazine as a contributing writer.  The Feb 2014 issue, available now, contains two articles, one on range drills and one on carjacking.  You can find condensed versions of these articles at the Personal Defense World website. My passion is writing and teaching, sharing Read More >>

Featured Blogger Jonathan Wallace II featured on Fox 59 at 10pm EST tonight

Native Executive Security and Jonathan Wallace II will be part of a segment entitled Home Alone tonight at 10pm on Fox59 during the late night news. The segment will also be streaming on their website here -- #Fox50 #Home Alone. After the segment the reporter JILL GLAVAN and FOX59 will run a live Social media Q&A session involving Jonathan (@NES1776)in the thread. You can reference all of the above including on Fox59 or Twitter: #Home Alone @Jill-Glavan @Fox59 @NES1776 NATIVE EXECUTIVE Read More >>

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