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Carry Options for Women

The times are changing, and a few companies are stepping up.  More and more women are coming to shooting and need options that work with dresses and other feminine garments.  And while my kydex-leather hybrid is fine for jeans or 5.11s, it doesn’t work as well with fitted business clothes.  Plus, sometimes, I just want to be feminine. Looper Law Enforcement  brought us the Flashbang, and a series of holsters that are designed specifically for women.  They work great, give us options, but still have a utilitarian feel. Femme Fatale Holsters just broke the model with beautiful lace Read More >>

Do you carry?

Not like asking “are you a turtle?”, but a very serious question.  If you carry a firearm for self-defense, have you ever taken a handgun retention course?  There are several out there, some are more aggressive than others.  I had the opportunity to train with Kathy (The Cornered Cat) Jackson recently.  I came away convinced that if you carry you MUST have retention training. If you know a few basic moves you can significantly increase your odds of keeping your gun in a self-defense situation.  This isn’t training you can read and understand easily, this is physical, hands on, Read More >>

Another Reason to Vote

The Obama Health Care plan passed in spite of the public sentiment because people stayed home.  There is a push to take away more and more gun rights, carefully hidden behind ATF memos and Executive Orders, but if there are enough votes, we could lose our 2nd Amendment rights.  I know, we just had an election, with a record low turnout.  States are facing possible changes in their gun laws.  What will happen if the trend continues.  Already many are trying to regulate and redefine “assault” weapons.  Merriam-Webster defines them as any of various automatic or semiautomatic Read More >>

Hypocrisy in Action

More and more politicians are working hard to ensure that you and I, the law abiding citizen, are unable to lawfully carry, or in some cases, even own, firearms. Maryland, New York are just two states that have paved the way for restrictions on gun rights for their citizens. Now, Virginina, long a bastion of Gun Rights, is about to be led by a Democratic Governor who has appointed a staunch anti-gunner to his transition team. Where is the hypocrisy? These politicians, who would deny you and I the right to armed defense of ourselves and our families have armed security details…paid for by Read More >>

The Knock Out Game

There is a phenomenon spreading across the country. It is called “The Knock Out Game”. Basically roving bands of teens sucker punching random strangers in an attempt to knock them out. This has caused serious injuries and even death for some victims. Situational awareness is always smart, and now, it is crucial. Your safety circle, the 21 foot radius (about 2 car lengths) around you, is your buffer. No one passed through your circle without you taking notice. 21 feet is based on the well known training technique called the Tueller drill. A reasonably fit person can close that gap in Read More >>

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