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What Happened in Dallas?

I am starting to do a somewhat more informal version of my old Shotgun News column: little bits of news and commentary for Gun Shows Today.  Shotgun News paid me.  Hopefully this venture will get me some more blog readers. There were 87,000 attendees at the NRA Annual Meeting.  The local news covered the anti-NRA demonstrations, none of them near the Convention Center, which seemed to be at most a few dozen people (and they wonder why they keep losing).  The only anti-NRA material I saw was a giant sign truck with a picture of Putin saying something to Wayne LaPierre in Russian Read More >>

Gun Free Zones

Lynne Finch

Gun Free Zones. Words that chill my heart, because we all know, in a Gun Free Zone, only honest law abiding citizens don’t have guns. However, not having a firearm doesn’t make up defenseless. I once told someone that in trained hands a knitting needle was an “Assault Weapon”. Think about it, long, strong, pointy…but no, I’m not advocating that you carry knitting needles everywhere you go. What I am suggesting is that you think about what you do have, or could easily add, and practice how to use them. Because if where I work I cannot carry my firearm to and from work. Read More >>

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