2nd Amendment Sanctuary Movement

In a sweeping pushback against liberal overreach Counties and Cities across the country are declaring themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries.  Mostly on the Pacific coast and in Virginia, the movement is growing as state governments seek to impose sweeping gun reform. 

 In Virginia, which will have a democrat majority for the first time in over 20 years with the incoming representatives in Jan, sweeping bills have been pre-staged for early action.  These include some very dramatic controls, such as redefining Assault Rifle, making AR 15s, AKs, and many sport rifles with detachable magazines and one of a myriad of options, such as a pistol grip, a muzzle break, a collapsible stock, to name but a few, and making the possession of such a felony. No grandfathering for legally owned firearms, just, criminalization by fiat.  This is in addition to a statute that would make assembly of one or more persons for purposes of instruction a felony, with some vague language about intent for civil disobedience.

 We all know, looking at California, Chicago, Baltimore…highly restrictive gun laws do not end gun violence.  They do endanger law abiding citizens.  This movement of adopting sanctuary resolutions was informed by cities and counties resisting ICE by declaring themselves sanctuaries.  While the resolutions don’t have the power of law, they do provide for officials to hold to their Constitutional vales.  This situation is evolving, we should all be aware.  If Virginia, with a long history of support for firearms rights can be threatened, no one is safe.  What can you do?  VOTE!  Monitor the actions of your local and state governments.  We need to work together to defend and preserve our rights and heritage.

Thank you,


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