Another Reason to Vote

The Obama Health Care plan passed in spite of the public sentiment because people stayed home.  There is a push to take away more and more gun rights, carefully hidden behind ATF memos and Executive Orders, but if there are enough votes, we could lose our 2nd Amendment rights.  I know, we just had an election, with a record low turnout.  States are facing possible changes in their gun laws.  What will happen if the trend continues.  Already many are trying to regulate and redefine “assault” weapons.  Merriam-Webster defines them as any of various automatic or semiautomatic firearms.  By that definition my Glock is an assault weapon.  This is absurd.  More informed definitions appear indicating that the definition includes a fully automatic, versus a semi-automatic.

We need to vote, and hold our elected representatives accountable to their constituency, not to their party.  Do you like your guns?  Want to keep them?  VOTE.  Get Involved, and about all…Shoot Safely.

Lynne Finch

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