Anti-Gun Sentiments in the Current Administration

What is more frustrating than to read about yet another attempt to infringe on the 2nd Amendment?  I’ve come across a couple of news articles lately that all put together gave me pause.

Ban on Assault Weapons! Apparently the Administration wants to ban “assault weapons”, but I can’t find a consistent definition of “assault weapon”, hereafter referred to as AW.  Some consider a semi-automatic pistol an AW, or a pistol with a capacity of more the 10 rounds.  Then there are the very popular AR-15 rifles.  Frankly, my ink pen is an AW in trained hands.  Where does it end?  With the banning of firearms for law abiding citizens?  We only need to look to recent history in Norway to see the folly.  There is a well known saying, “If guns are illegal, only criminals will have guns.”  I would add that the rest of us would find ourselves defenseless.  These arguments don’t even consider those who hunt to help feed their families.  In this economy I have more than one friend who relies on hunting and fishing for a significant portion of the families food.

The Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, was quoted in a recent article (stating that the AW Ban would have “a positive impact in Mexico…”  I’m sorry, I really thought his job was more to focus on the United States?  Recent controversies, tragedies, and inflammatory statements breed an environment of Fear.  This rhetoric fans the flames of the Anti-Gun movement.

The administration is going a step further, looking to ban online sales of ammunition.  First, as an avid shooter and instructor, I buy most of my ammunition on line to get the price breaks.  In these economic times, can we allow the government to shut down, or severely impact, active, successful, taxpaying businesses?  Plus, without the online availability, prices will soar and less common calibers could become extremely difficult to find.  Wait, could that be the intent?

I believe we need to defend our rights, and our choice, to own firearms.  Preserve our Hunting, Shooting Sports, Self Defense…support the National Rifle Association who is working hard to maintain our right to own, maintain and use firearms in a safe and lawful manner.

Bottom line…instead of trying to make criminals out of law abiding citizens, perhaps the focus should be on enforcing the laws as they stand now, and promoting safety education.

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Lynne Finch-Charlesworth

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