Army Surplus – Why People Still Use It

Maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe you haven’t, but there is a lot of army surplus that can still be bought from the market. Army surplus can go from clothing to ammunition and, ultimately, weapons. This gives people access to some of the most spectacular guns they could see.

But why would one buy army surplus weapons? After all, there are many alternatives for army surplus weapons and accessories – respectively newer items. For instance, there are innovative guns with locking mechanisms, and there are also sniper scopes to go with them, which are easy to acquire and affordable. A Leupold VX-R, for example, would be a great addition for an AR 15, something that you may not achieve if you had army surplus weapons.

But surplus guns have their advantages too. So, here is why people still use army surplus weapons.

  1. They May Be Cheaper

This benefit doesn’t always apply, as there may be very unique guns that are quite expensive. Nevertheless, some of the guns from the army come for better prices, which is truly a thing to consider if you want a gun you may not ever see again. In some instances, they can be more affordable than modern weapons, and just as effective.

So, if you want a cheaper and older gun model, you should pay the army surplus store a visit.

  1. Durability is Ensured

Unlike modern weapons, army surplus ones are very heavy and sturdy. Of course, this might make them a little too heavy to handle when you’re trying to shoot accurately, but if you’re looking for something that will last, then definitely check surplus weapons.

Basically, these guns have been made for the army, meaning that they are able to withstand even extreme conditions. Army weapons can resist rain, snow, muck, sleet and mire, something hardly achievable with a modern gun. Therefore, people love army surplus guns because they offer them the durability that they can’t get with modern rifles. Nobody likes a weapon that starts malfunctioning after being exposed to some little rain, after all.

  1. Historical Background

A gun feels different the moment you know it has some history behind it, and this is another reason why so many people are quick to purchase army surplus. Many weapons might have been used in wars, and who wouldn’t love owning something that played a big role in history?

People who love to collect these things are always eager to buy them. However, some individuals purchase them because they can increase in value the more time passes by. So, the historical background is not only a good reason for collectors, but it can also increase your income if you decide to sell the weapon after a while.

  1. They’re Accurate

Despite the fact that they’re not new, a lot of these weapons can shoot very accurately. Considering what they were meant for, you can rest assured that they were manufactured with care in this regard.

That being said, some guns can be used for self-defense, but some also make great weapons for range shooting or hunting. Many people prefer shooting with military surplus weapons, which is one of the reasons why these guns are being bought in the first place.

  1. They Are Rare

Some of these army surplus guns can be very rare. So, there is a great chance for collectors to find a piece that outshines all the other items in their weapon collection. And let’s be honest, doesn’t it feel good to own something that has quite limited access nowadays?

Also, this feature makes the price of the piece increase over time. The rarer the weapon, the higher your chances to get some cash from it if you decide to sell it. That being said, a lot of people purchase these guns because of their rarity, and some do it in hopes that they’ll sell them for a high amount of money.

  1. You Can Use Them for Training

When you’re new to shooting, you want to make sure you do your best. But for many people who get into shooting, it’s not really the cheapest hobby, mostly because not all guns are as affordable as they’d like.

But when you don’t have the cash for a modern rifle, you can always try an army surplus one. Some people are lucky enough to find cheaper alternatives – and these represent a great way to practice their skills. Weapons can be easy to operate and work good enough to help beginners get started.

So, many people choose to start their journey with army surplus weapons as a way to practice until they get better at the hobby and can buy a modern rifle.

  1. Rebuilding

People have a lot of hobbies, and while others may want to collect guns or use them for shooting, some want to rebuild them. This is not a job for everyone, but only for those who are qualified and know enough about guns to not injure themselves. Rebuilding these guns would make them work and look better.

Not to mention that some people like to take the pieces from old guns and try to build new weapons from them. Whichever the actual reason is, one thing is clear – individuals who are good at crafting could have lots of fun with these guns.

Final Thoughts

It may be weird to see people still using army surplus weapons when there are so many modern and better alternatives on the market nowadays. But as you were able to see, surplus guns have quite a few advantages. They have the historical background that gives them value, as well as the rarity. They are also loved for being cheaper in some cases, and for being accurate and durable.

If you were wondering why people still use surplus weapons, you should now have the answers. Who knows, you may be convinced to try these guns yourself.

Jay Chambers – Pro Free Speech Writer, Disaster Survivalist, Business Owner. Believes in Resiliency and Self Sufficiency in an Increasingly Unpredictable World.

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