Beans, Bullets and Band-aids

That was a common expression in the military.  Well, today, 2 out of three isn’t bad.  We can get the beans, we can get the Band-aids…the ammunition is a little tougher.  When you can find it, the economic laws of supply and demand are in full effect.  Prices are going up with the demand, while availability is, well, challenging.

So, what is happening?  According to various sources, people are nervous about pending legislation and are stockpiling ammo.  You would think that would account for a shortage of high powered riffle ammunition, but now, 9mm and .22LR are also really hard to get.  Everyone is feeling the pinch, including ranges.  We are practicing less, shooting fewer rounds when we do practice…

There is a cascading impact.  Retailers can’t get and keep stock, shooters can’t find it, hunters can’t hunt, defensive shooters can’t practice and plinkers can’t plink.  The one up side?  The lines are shorter at the range.

So, defensive shooters, you still need to practice, keep your skills sharp.  The days of going to the range and dumping 300 rounds in a hour are probably not feasible, for now.  Consider a training gun.  My personal favorite is the SIRT (Sight Indicating Resetting Trigger) Laser Training Pistol.  They are available from a variety of sources in different configurations.  You can safely draw, shoot, see where you shot hit, and it lets you practice less than ideal shooting positions that you may not be able to try at your local range.  Plus, if you have cats…they are great fun!  Just be careful, while it is not a live gun, you should still follow the safety rules, do not point it at anyone and be especially careful with that as the laser is not “eye safe”.

So, keep practicing as we ride out this round of legislation and the accompanying shortages.

Safe Shooting!

Lynne Finch-Charlesworth

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