Carry Options for Women

The times are changing, and a few companies are stepping up.  More and more women are coming to shooting and need options that work with dresses and other feminine garments.  And while my kydex-leather hybrid is fine for jeans or 5.11s, it doesn’t work as well with fitted business clothes.  Plus, sometimes, I just want to be feminine.

Looper Law Enforcement  brought us the Flashbang, and a series of holsters that are designed specifically for women.  They work great, give us options, but still have a utilitarian feel.

Femme Fatale Holsters just broke the model with beautiful lace holsters that are as functional as they are pretty.  Sexy lace on the outside, solid construction below.  There is a corset which allows easy access to a compact pistol through an open neckline, a thigh band and an ankle holster.

More and more manufacturers are stepping up, recognizing that simply reproducing the same holster in pink isn’t what the female market needs.  Innovation and solid construction are key.

Range Bags are also being feminized, and my favorites are found at (you can find the holsters above there as well).  Colors, patterns, fun!

Lynne Finch

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