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For the better part of a year, all shooters who train on a regular basis have observed the commercial firearm and ammunition supply line dwindle to a trickle, particularly on consumable ammunition. Now in a market anomaly, the US ammunition supply is returning to normal, except for .22 LR. I went to the 2014 SHOT show in hopes I could figure out some of mystery of ammunition supply, from price to supply. Well I didn’t, except ordinary rumors, war and fear and supply and demand. So like gas prices, no one seems to know–or will ever know. Dear readers, I at least tried. All was not Read More >>


SSA Precision Ammunition Company

The old adage, “necessity is the mother of invention,” is probably as true in the battlefield as anywhere. The 6.8MM Remington Special Purpose Cartridge (SPC) was developed by Remington and the special forces community based on the .30 Remington cartridge for a specific need–terminal ballistics at longer ranges than normally encountered by our troops. The 6.8MM SPC is essentially a mid-range cartridge between the light 5.56 round and heavier 7.62. The length is the same (57.4 mm) as a 5.56 to be adaptable to the M-16 platform and its magazines.  In short, un-technical terms, the Read More >>



Every year at SHOT, I have at least three goals. The first is to actually understand the layout of the show and see everything in detail. I always fail. The second is to see some much-awaited introduction, like the Glock 42 in .380 this year; and third locate some piece of new tactical nylon usable for everything I do, from flying a long-haul flights to a new foreign locale to shooting a tactical class in terrible weather. It is long after the fact when I figure out if the piece is perfect and will be on every flight, such as my Eagle E&E bag that I have had for a number of years (still Read More >>


The long running battle between Eastern and Western worlds on the capabilities of the AK-47 and M-16, had a final chapter written in the debate on December 21, 2013, the date of inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov’s death. In memory, the January, 2014 SHOT Show in Las, Vegas paid tribute to this legend by having a memory book signed by all willing attendees to send to the Kalashnikov family. As I reflected on his death and the great debate, while walking the “miles” that make up SHOT, I realized there is one area where Eugene Stoner’s —16 could be objectively said to be far better in the Read More >>

The Line Between Self-Defense And Murder Is Sometimes a Fine, Fuzzy Line

Do you understand when you can use a firearm to protect your life, dwelling or to stop a felony?  Would you bet a charge of murder on it or risk a wrongful death suit or both?  How about the limits castle doctrine and retreat?  Do you carry a firearm in another state? Do you know the deadly force laws of those states? If you cannot answer these questions off the top of your head, you are taking unnecessary risk and are at extraordinary legal peril. A failure to understand all the legal concepts of deadly force may land you in jail for murder and loss of your wealth. In this webinar, a Read More >>

Motorcycle Trip with Kitty Austin and “Gun Laws by State” by Bryan Ciyou (Part II)

The last time I talked about the first two states of my 21 day trip on a 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic, again it is as much fun as anything else to do in the summer time. I do want to briefly update on Illinois – just as I finished submitting the blog Illinois’ Legislators overrode the veto by Governor Pat Quinn on the Federal appellate court order mandating that Illinois uphold the Second Amendment. Even though Illinois has this new legislation Chicago’s police superintendent still suggests that guns are the cause of the city’s violence. Has he ever heard of knives? What about just a Read More >>

Motorcycle Trip and “Gun Laws by State” by Bryan Ciyou

A 21 day trip on a 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic is as much fun as anything else to do in the summer time. In getting ready for the trip (as any gun tote’n citizen would do) I thought it would be important to know where I could carry my handgun and where they frowned on such things. So, where did I turn, my 2012 Edition of Gun Laws By State by Bryan Ciyou. You might ask yourself, “Well why is she talking about a book in her blog?” I don’t have a good reason other than I want to share what I thought and what happened. Starting off in Indiana, I have my life time carry permit from Read More >>

Our Friends at Elite Defense

As many readers of our GST, GSM, and GLBS blogs know, we practice what we preach which is to be educated about the products in the firearms’ marketplace. There is no substitute to being a conscientious gun owner and than knowing what is cutting edge in the market place–and shooting and finding out what works for you in any given situation. A few months ago, our friends at Elite Defense in Dexter, Michigan opened their warehouse doors--literally under lighting provided by flashlight after a water problem fried their electricity and delayed the backup generator from switching on–so we Read More >>

Where is the NRA?

It Is Everywhere, Soon To Be—Here! The 2014 NRA Annual Meeting and Convention Comes to Indianapolis, Indiana Several years ago, after walking down the never-ending sidewalk along the Ponte Vecchio river in Florence, Italy, I finally realized a life-long dream; I found the Instituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza (the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum) open for my tour. Now machine guns and cannons were nothing new. In fact, I had found them all over the world, but I was visiting the place where they were conceived and drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci. This was long before they were built and Read More >>

Love At First “Sight”: A Day With A New Perazzi O/U Shooting Sporting Clays

During the last two years, I had the pleasure of attending the SHOT Show and the Safari Club conventions. There, a friend introduced me to Perazzi USA, their staff, and Perazzi’s fine line of shotguns (and now limited production double rifles) made in Italy, sold through Perazzi USA. I am a double rifle kind of guy and had limited sporting clays exposure. Nonetheless, I was immediately impressed by their relative newness to and success in the established European gun manufacturing market, steeped in hundreds of years of history. Not many companies can begin to claim to challenge and carve Read More >>

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