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“Civil Disobedience” to meet Local Law Enforcement

July 4, 2013 Adam Kokesh, an Iraq war veteran and self-proclaimed activist, is organizing an armed march on Washington DC.  He is calling for supporters to carry loaded rifles “slung over their backs” as they cross the Potomac River into DC.  On a FaceBook page for the event, he candidly admits that there is a risk of arrest, and while he discourages resistance, he has acknowledged the risks, encouraging participants to submit to arrest peacefully. Mr Kokesh acknowledges this is not a permitted event, which gives authorities one more basis for arresting participants.  Frankly, living Read More >>

The Zombie Hordes

A Zombie is defined as an animated corpse. If you are a regular visitor you may have seen the previous post, One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Three if by…Graveyard? In the words of that darling cherub Carol Ann “They’re back.” At least that is the word that went out over the emergency broadcast system of KRTV in Great Falls Montana recently. Viewers heard, "Civil authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from the grave and attacking the living." The voice warned not "to approach or apprehend these bodies as they are extremely dangerous." Apparently the Read More >>

Protecting Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

An introductory essay on America at the precipice of devolution. The thoughts, opinions and analysis expressed herein are solely my own and from this essay I simply want to inspire thought and provoke motivation in every reader, to consider the outcome if the necessary course of action is again not taken in our present society. First of all I want to begin by saying what happened at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut was and is a tragedy, one that we will never forget. My condolences and prayers go out to the families and everyone affected by this heart breaking Read More >>

Unintended Consequences of Gun Ban Talk

I had the chance to visit “The Nations Gun Show” in Chantilly, Virginia the weekend between Christmas and New Years.  This was not my first time, but I went Friday evening after work and it was the first time I had to stand in line at that time of night.  I’ve never seen it so packed!  Friends visited on Saturday and Sunday and reported lines an hour long just to get in, and dealers being sold out of many commonly stocked firearms by Saturday noon. The administration and the anti-gun groups are pushing gun bans in light of the recent tragedies.  Unintended consequences include a Read More >>

Tragedy in Connecticut and the Aftermath for Gun Owners and the 2nd Amendment

I think we can all agree that the mass shooting at Sandyhook Elementary School was horrific; the innocent children lost, the heroic staff who died trying to protect them; the First Responders who will carry those images for the rest of their lives; the children who will never feel safe again and the parents who can’t kiss their little ones good-night…and many others who were affected in lasting ways.  We can also agree that the tool was used by a seriously disturbed man was a gun. What we can’t agree on is where the responsibility lies.  The tool was a gun, but it was the hands of a Read More >>

One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Three if by…Graveyard?

Zombie Apocalypse; it is everywhere!  Movies, video games, T-Shirts, shooting targets, ammo, even gun designs.  In May, 2011, the Center for Disease Control issues a Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse blog.  The intent was to get people prepared for a natural or man-made disaster and offered tips as relevant to a hurricane as to a Zombie attack, perhaps more so, I have my doubts about a zombie free refugee camp. Why now?  IMHO the world is a scary place.  We have wars, threats against our nation, terrorist plots, the risk of things that are not seen until they happen…who can forget Read More >>

The 12 days of Gun Christmas

The 12 days of Gun Christmas (based on the Original Poem The 12 Days of Christmas) On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me An Aaaaa Rrrrrr-15. On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Two Charter Arms, And An Aaaaa Rrrrrr-15. On the third day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Three Perrin Pistols, Two Charter Arms, And An Aaaaa Rrrrrr-15. On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Four Remingtons, Three Perrin Pistols, Two Charter Arms, And An Aaaaa Rrrrrr-15. On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Five gleaming Read More >>

Code Words to Protect Your Family or Loved Ones

Does your family have a “Code Word”?  If you had to send someone to pick up your children how would they know it was safe to go with a stranger?  If your home were invaded and a family member were able to escape and call the police, would they be able to provide the officers with a code word to call out to you in the house so you know it is the police? Code words should be simple, easy for everyone to remember and a family secret. You can use your code word to let the family know that there is an emergency, to check in with each other or to let them know that a stranger is Read More >>

Defending Your Home

Duty to retreat?  Castle Doctrine?  Stand Your Ground?  These are all legal concepts that vary from state to state.  The Gun Laws By State book available on this website can help you sort them out.  However, what about defending your family? First, do you have a plan?  Can you get your family together in one room if someone breaks in?  Does everyone know what to do?  Have you thought about what to do if someone comes in during the day?  Do you have an escape plan?  Have you practiced your plan? It is often said that “nothing in the house is worth dying for”, referring to Read More >>

Cover versus Concealment versus RUN!

Pistol hidden in belt

In light of the tragic, and seemingly random, shootings in the past few years it is critical to think about how you would respond if you were at your desk, at church, in a mall or even a crowded theater… and suddenly heard gun shots. What would you do? First, do you routinely take casual notice of the space around you? Is there cover, concealment, multiple exits? What is cover? A barrier will stop a bullet. A concrete block wall might serve as cover, but a standard interior wall will not. Concealment is something that hides you from view. It could be a curtain, a wall, a piece of Read More >>

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