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Have you ever considered teaching?

There are so many things I love about being a Firearms Instructor that I can’t cover them all. For me, one of the best is taking someone who is brand new and guiding them through their first couple trigger pulls and watching their smile form as the nerves settle and the fear goes away and they discover THIS IS FUN! If you are an experienced shooter, with a passion for shooting, you are a candidate.  Visit the NRA Instructor website and look for a Pistol Instructor Course, this is usually the entry into teaching.  This should include the Basic Instructor Training (BIT) which covers the Read More >>

Training for Life (Marksmanship versus Self Defense)

Can you skip marksmanship training and just train for Self Defense? Yes.  However, marksmanship training, done right, will help you with your self defense training.  The Winchester NRA Marksmanship Program offers progressive standards for increasing your skills.  It is a self-paced, honor system working your way to get to Distinguished Expert (the highest level, which must be witnessed in order to get the medal).  You can geek out with the patches and rockers if that is your thing.  However, the handgun training that you must work through to accomplish each level starts easy and gets Read More >>

What is National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day?

Founded in 2012, NTYDTTRD is about educating kids, girls and boys, about gun safety and about getting families to bring their kids out to shoot together as a family.  NTYDTTRD, Inc. is a non-profit organization behind the event that is funded 100% by donations. The first annual event was held Jun 9 at 37 ranges in 15 states.  Over 1,000 kids got to shoot, most for the first time.  Hundreds of volunteers, instructors, RSOs and range members worked hard to ensure the kids were safe and had a great time.  Each club set their own structure, but to participate they all agreed to have a Read More >>

Improve Grip Strength and Improve Your Shooting Accuracy

Many times I have heard people (gun store employees, instructors, shooters) say that women don’t have the hand strength to rack a slide, they should try a revolver. Really? A slide averages about 18 pounds of pull to rack it, that is with your whole hand. A Double Action revolver trigger is often around 12 pounds of pull, with the tip of one finger. I’ll take the slide, please! My hand gets tired pulling the trigger on a revolver. But what can you do? First, ensure you have the right position, gun in close to the chest, support hand cupped over the top of the slide, and use a push Read More >>

Finding the Right Firearms Instructor for You

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

First, why do you need an instructor, what could be easier than pointing the gun and pulling the trigger? Ah, if only it were that simple, we would all be experts!  A good instructor can help you be comfortable and safe when you are starting out.  He, or she, can help tweak your technique if you are experienced and help you be a better shooter, or show you new drills and techniques to improve your practice time and ultimately, make you a better shooter. Anyone can call themselves an Instructor, however, you want to know if they truly know what they are doing.  NRA Certifications as the Read More >>

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