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Introducing Gun Laws by State, 2012 Edition

The Reciprocal Carry Conundrum: Part I Conundrum is a noun, and is defined as “something confusing.” Although it may surprise you, there are tens of thousands of laws on the legal books that you face when you engage in carrying a handgun with concealed carry permit (“CCP”) in your state or another state by virtue of reciprocity agreements between certain states. Therefore, it is not an understatement my dear reader for me to tell you what awaits you (and me) with reciprocal carry: mind-numbing confusion. This is why I have authored the definitive paper (book form) and interactive Read More >>

The Nine Classes of People Who Cannot Possess Firearms.

The Nine Classes of People Who Cannot Possess Firearms. As an attorney who has handled hundreds of firearms matters, ranging from criminal to compliance/regulatory, a common question I receive from people of all walks of life is “Who is prohibited from the purchase and possession of firearms?” Broadly, there are nine (9) classes of people who are unable to possess firearms under federal law. However, it is unlawful for anyone (he, she or it, such as an “FFL”) to knowingly sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to a person within these groups. This means both the Read More >>

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