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Slide Stop versus Slide Release

The little button on the side of the gun that locks the slide in the open position is called a Slide Lock or a Slide Stop. So, why do some people call it a Slide Release? Because that is how they use it! First, it is a small, thin piece of metal and can break if used roughly over time, such as for a release. Second, your gun may fail to go into battery (ready to shoot) if you use the slide stop as a release, and you may not know until you are ready to shoot! Yikes! Don’t take my word for it. Look closely at your gun with the slide locked open. Note where the slide is in relation Read More >>

Women Only Versus Mixed Gender Classes?

I have taught single gender classes, all men, but only because no women signed up for that class. I haven’t taught a Women Only class yet, but they are in the plan. However, why are women only classes becoming a trend? More women are coming into shooting, and taking initial training toward Self-Defense. That is obvious, and a good thing; women should know how to defend themselves and their families. I think there is fear of coming to a “Gun Class” and being surrounded by a bunch of good ole boys who will look down on, or snicker at, a woman in the class. Having taught a lot of classes Read More >>

Cover versus Concealment versus RUN!

Pistol hidden in belt

In light of the tragic, and seemingly random, shootings in the past few years it is critical to think about how you would respond if you were at your desk, at church, in a mall or even a crowded theater… and suddenly heard gun shots. What would you do? First, do you routinely take casual notice of the space around you? Is there cover, concealment, multiple exits? What is cover? A barrier will stop a bullet. A concrete block wall might serve as cover, but a standard interior wall will not. Concealment is something that hides you from view. It could be a curtain, a wall, a piece of Read More >>

Two Most Common Mistakes for New and Experienced Shooters

The two problem areas I see most, for both new and advanced students, are grip and trigger control. Granted they are more of a problem for some than others, and some people are amazing shooters even while not following through on some of the fundamentals but for most people, if you want to take your shooting to the next level, you need the right grip and good trigger control. The Semi-Auto grip starts with your strong hand. Lay your hand over the gun, index finger along the frame and the webbing between the thumb and index finger high on the backstrap.  Wrap the remaining fingers around Read More >>

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