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Girls and Guns

Girls and Guns – what makes a girl want to buy a gun? Why is gun ownership for females on the increase? Is it for safety? How about self-defense? Do women feel that threatened in today’s world? Well, when you have someone victimize you – it’s not about just one reason. It’s about the feeling of safety in your life. Gun store owners reported a 73% increase in female customers. 43% of women report household gun ownership. What are the top 5 firearms for ladies? As my thoughts regarding an increase in sales and ownership for women are – excited, overjoyed and just plain happy for Read More >>

The Second Ammendment


Hello Gun Shows Today visitors! I am so excited to provide you with some great firearms/shooting information in my future blogs. I am Kitty Austin and I have been shooting for over 45 years. My husband, Bill and I own Austin Originals, where we fabricate and carve pistol grips. We work in ivory, wood, and synthetic materials creating unique and personalized guns for our customers. I also teach self-defense to young mothers who want to learn non-physical ways to protect their homes, children and themselves from potential threats. I hold a certification as a NRA instructor for pistol, rifle and Read More >>

Deciding on a Handgun

How do you figure out what type of handgun to buy? Do you pick a revolver or semi-auto? How about the caliber? Do you need to ask questions when looking at a firearm? What questions do you ask? Questions like these and many more can be downright frustrating at times. I was at the Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show (the largest gun and knife show east of the Mississippi) this past weekend working my booth (Austin Originals) when a couple walked up to look at the grips on our table. As I approached them, the man asked if I could suggest a firearm for his wife. I’m always excited to help Read More >>

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