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The Line Between Self-Defense And Murder Is Sometimes a Fine, Fuzzy Line

Do you understand when you can use a firearm to protect your life, dwelling or to stop a felony?  Would you bet a charge of murder on it or risk a wrongful death suit or both?  How about the limits castle doctrine and retreat?  Do you carry a firearm in another state? Do you know the deadly force laws of those states? If you cannot answer these questions off the top of your head, you are taking unnecessary risk and are at extraordinary legal peril. A failure to understand all the legal concepts of deadly force may land you in jail for murder and loss of your wealth. In this webinar, a Read More >>

The Constitutional Paladin – In defense of the past, for the future

As I contemplate the challenges facing Americans today and as I listen daily to interpretations thereof, both on the streets and in the media, I am continually stunned to realize how the foundations of this Nation are in jeopardy of nearing complete destruction. How have we come so far and not retained the wisdom to “hasten and retrace our steps, and to regain the road which alone leads us to peace, liberty and safety”? -Thomas Jefferson The American spirit was conceived in defiance of the chains of oppression; born out of tyranny and anguish; a spirit of free, unyielding, faithful, Read More >>

A Tool of Last Resort

Lethal Force

My gun is a tool of last resort. I have a legal and ethical obligation to meet force with like force. I can’t justify shooting someone who is my size and attacking me with a rolled up newspaper, no matter how angry I might be. I carry lots of different tools to help defend myself. I have also taken personal defense training so I have some idea what to expect if I get hit and how to hit back. I encourage women to train for personal defense, armed and unarmed. Martial Arts are great exercise, but modern Martial Arts are more choreography than defense. Look for a program the focuses on Read More >>

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