Do you carry?

Not like asking “are you a turtle?”, but a very serious question.  If you carry a firearm for self-defense, have you ever taken a handgun retention course?  There are several out there, some are more aggressive than others.  I had the opportunity to train with Kathy (The Cornered Cat) Jackson recently.  I came away convinced that if you carry you MUST have retention training.

If you know a few basic moves you can significantly increase your odds of keeping your gun in a self-defense situation.  This isn’t training you can read and understand easily, this is physical, hands on, training with a skilled instructor.  Gloves are critical.  I came away with a few bruises, and the distinction of being the first to land on my butt.  Even that was a learning moment.  I was startled, a little shocked.  I paused…critical mistake.  If you go down, you are not out of the fight, you need to continue to respond, even if it means shooting from the ground.

I’m an advocate for continuing to train.  Most of us have limited budgets and must pick and choose our training with that in mind.  Some training is more for fun, some is more practical.  Early in your carry life, consider a retention class.

Remember, if you are ever in a defensive situation, do not give up!  If you lose your gun, run away.  Odds are in the struggle the gun was knocked out of battery, and the bad guy is so distracted by his shiny new toy, or doesn’t know how to tap-rack.

Stay Safe.

Lynne Finch

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