Duty, Mentor, Leader

Here at the precipice of a new year, I would like to share with you my thoughts on what I believe is most needed in this world we live in today. I believe in order to halt the cycle of unrest, division and dishonesty in our society we need men and women to take up the mantle of mentorship; become leaders and recognize it as their duty to do so. Above all the laws of nature that of duty is preeminent. It dominates over reason and self-preservation, over the subliminal and subconscience minds.

When we have the feeling to stop and go no further because of injury, loss or supposed defeat, it is the sense of duty that pushes us to persevere for the sake of what we know to be “the right thing”. It has no equal and all are its subordinates; it is the master. Duty places demands upon the soul that must be met in the physical world, for the consequence of disobeying is something true men cannot abide; the loss of honor and integrity. The voice of duty in our spirits ignites the flame of courage, strums the strings of conviction, and beats the drum of action. Obedience to duty bestows greatness on the humblest of callings and missions; it exalts the lowliest of positions and occupations with the highest esteem and honor. It is duty that brings men and women into cohesion with those faint yet giant voices of history that cry out for someone to take up the mantle of responsibility; simply…it brings us to God. There is a profound reason why we refer to it as a “sense” of duty. Sense is a natural faculty, one that is supernaturally integrated into our beings. It is that by which the body and mind perceives external stimuli such as sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. All of these elemental senses guide us in establishing our uniquely individual likes and dislikes as well as distinguishing night from day, and good from evil. Duty however, is a sense which functions on a subconscious level, manifesting itself within the conscious level of our actions and reactions. Acknowledging its existence and heading the call of duty is fundamentally important to each and every one of us. Duty is a subliminal directive which guides our responses when situations arise, steers our reactions to life’s trials, and enlightens our discernment when caught between the paths of honor and dishonor. We will never be able to discover our full measure of strength unless we are confronted with the full measure of struggle, it is not sufficient to seek only the smooth passages of life, the paths that provide no challenge to existence. True men will hasten to the tests of life to prove their worth among men and God.

Worth: there’s never been more opportunity on this earth for a man to prove his worth, the world is eager for worthy men and for men who desire to prove it. We have a deep want for people that have the boldness of warriors and the faith of martyrs. We live in a proving season and a season of proving. Not mere words are needed be spoken, not just action is to be done -we must be fully persuaded. To be fully persuaded means to believe with everything that is in you, with a whole heart, mind and body. I remember the story of Abraham and Sarah in the scriptures when God had promised them a son! Now remember your bible? These two people were both close to one hundred years old! But God had told Abraham that his seed would be like the sands of the sea and the stars of the sky. Every time Abraham walked by the sea, or out under the starry sky, that promise would come back to him, and persuade his heart. We must not take what we have in this great life for granted but let the freedoms and conveniences that surround us every day be reminders, reminders of persuasion, that we are the heirs to something great. And as these heirs we have a responsibility to that greatness, to speak, to act, to be involved. Our experiences are uniquely our own, our problems are uniquely our own; therefore our answers must be uniquely our own. Every answer to our questions and problems is within us! For far too long now we have sought out and catered to the opinions of others, this year we must discover our own answers and acknowledge our duty to act upon them.

Communities of today lack true mentors. It is necessary to note that a great teacher will always instruct, teach, and praise. A true mentor, however, will do all that and more. He will also correct, discipline and lead. True mentors are leaders, and true leaders are essentially mentors. They guide, they influence, and they seek to help shape the paths of their followers and families through developing, in their own lives, character, duty and integrity. When one leads by good example it is the highest of character achievements. The maintenance of this earnest moral practice fuels the core principles of the leader driven life; and by extension births baser values of moral principle in innumerable lives; not limited to communities or even generations. This is mentorship. I believe we lack mentorship in our generation. The inherent task of a leader is that of responsibility; to pass on lessons learned by way of experience and education; through wisdom. One of my father’s great business lessons was that as the man in charge you must be able to duplicate yourself. It is our job, no less our duty, to create mentors for pursuant generations all the while creating facsimiles of great leaders within the current generation. This does not dictate that we become carbon copies of one another, but more that we bear a distinct resemblance in our common moral fiber; integrity and honor. This code of conduct has tragically been suspended and beckons to be reinstated to priority status. The time of recklessness and ignorance has expired. With an aligned passion for duty, an intrinsic desire to influence, and a dedication to lead, let us persevere in the coming year and be instrumental in bringing forth the destiny of the duty driven life.

Happy and Blessed New Year 2019!

Jonathan W Wallace II of Native Executive Security

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