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Legal Defense

  • Gun Owners Legal Defense Network


    Legal Defense Coverage 100%, criminal and civil charges with NO CAP

    Who We Cover:
    Concealed Carry Permit Holders
    In home invasion
    Business owners
    Hunter’s licenses

    What We Cover:
    100% Defense coverage
    100% Criminal charges and court cost
    100% Civil charges and court cost
    NO CAP = you will never pay a dime for your defense
    ALL wrongful arrests and charges
    Accidental exposures of those who have their Concealed Carry Permits
    Pulling out your firearm in defense and not use it
    Any and all self defense shootings

    A National Company covering all 50 states
    We are a national company that has a NETWORK of attorneys. When an incident occurs, if you are a member with us, you get a NETWORK of attorneys from across the country looking over your case covering your 2nd amendment rights.

    Our company GOLD'N has 4 accomplishments for gun owners.

    1, To provide 100% criminal and civil legal defense coverage with absolutely NO CAP

    2, To provide gun owners with gun laws and the knowledge of what they can and can’t do by law.

    3, To provide All gun owners a piece of mind with the confidence to use or carry their firearm. Whether it be concealed carry permit holders, hunters licenses, or for home defense. We will protect you.

    4, Protect your 2nd amendment rights.

    $125 for first year of 100% defense coverage, $100 for any year after

    -$25 if you are a Police Office, retired Police Officer, Military Or Retired Military, EMT/ Fireman or a family plan =$100
    Open the link below to view video