Firearms Master Influencers on YouTube – Who to Follow

The history of the firearm is definitely intriguing, although it is highly overlooked by most people nowadays who are only interested in the implications of the Second Amendment.

On YouTube, you can find videos about anything. Tutorials, reviews, reactions, music videos, and vlogs are all over the website. So, anyone can find most of the things they’re looking for. As such, unsurprisingly, firearms influencers have found their place on this platform too, coming up with regular videos about their passion: guns.

In-between your firearm shooting sessions, you could use some advice from people who know what they’re doing and know what they’re talking about. So, why not check out some of these influencers? If you’ve yet to find one, here’s a list of our picks when it comes to helpful and high-quality gun content creators.

  1. Forgotten Weapons

Forgotten Weapons is such a cool channel because it presents stuff that other firearm channels don’t talk about. Basically, just as the name suggests, they’re talking about weapons that have been “forgotten”, or better said, overshadowed by other guns. Therefore, you’re bound to find videos about guns you forgot about or never seen before. With hundreds of thousands of subscribers, you can say the owner of the channel is dedicated to his passion.

All that being said, the channel is not focusing on the new weapons you find in stores today, but rather on those that don’t get the same fame and recognition. The owner of the channel goes by the name of Ian McCollum, and he’s on a journey of teaching his subscribers new and valuable information. In other words, the purpose is an educational one.

If you join the ride, you’ll see a lot of videos shot in different countries like France, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Italy and many more. Furthermore, you will see videos talking about the weapons and he also tests some of them so that you have an insight on how they work. Of course, not every gun presented will be seen in action, but you’ll still get to see some of the most interesting ones being showcased.

  1. IraqVeteran8888

Although it’s owned by one person, this channel provides you with a lot of variety. What we mean by that is that you’ll see various personalities show up in videos, and you’ll also get all sorts of videos. More specifically, you will see gun reviews, gun talk where you’ll learn a lot about a wide range of models and shooting videos.

Having said that, you can also learn how to choose your weapon in any situation. For example, if you’re looking for guns for self-defense or competition shooting, the best .357 magnum revolvers are a great choice. Still, you might want to see them in action before settling for one, and IraqVeteran8888 will show you how they work, helping you in the decision-making process.

The owner of the channel, Eric Blandford, used to be in the service, but once he finished it, he started his video-making hobby. Moreover, he also got employed at Moss Pawn and Gun in Jonesboro, Ga. As he has many co-workers who are knowledgeable when it comes to guns, you’ll see some of them in videos on the channel.

  1. Demolition Ranch

With over 6.8 million subscribers, Demolition Ranch is one of the most popular shooting channels you’ll come across. Although it might not be the most viewed one, it’s surely one of the top firearm content profiles on YouTube.

Just like their description suggests, they’re not the type of channel to deliver average content. They work hard to come out with some of the coolest videos that teach you valuable information. They are also looking to keep you entertained. Isn’t that a perfect mix?

Matt Carriker, the owner of the channel, is very passionate about what he does, and that can be seen from his videos. Basically, he uses a lot of modern firearms to shoot targets or blow things up, but also teach you about them. For instance, you can learn the answers to lots of questions that may pop up in your mind, such as whether a bullet can be stopped by a shovel, if titanium is bulletproof, and so on.

The titles of his videos will immediately grab your attention and while they sound like clickbait, Matt actually delivers. If you love watching things get demolished while getting your fair share of firearm lessons, don’t forget to join his subscriber count.

  1. RatedRR

This channel is really something else when it comes to content. Owned by Richard Ryan, it’s a perfect mix between music and firearm shooting. More specifically, the videos he puts out are either slow motion or high-speed clips with music on the background, serving as a great way of entertainment. This can potentially show you how cool guns can be, and how fun sports shooting is overall.

Another cool thing about Ryan is the series of videos he puts out on his channel, such as The Breakdown or Tech Assassin. The latter is just him shooting at various tech systems, such as an Xbox, iPads or cell phones.

This channel is surely appealing and has a great chance of grabbing your attention from the get-go. Give him a follow if you want to see guns in actions while maintaining your entertainment.

  1. Military Arms Channel

Military Arms Channel should be your go-to place if you need videos on how to be practical and come up with the best tactics when shooting. Basically, they come out with a lot of reviews and tests, as well as gun news. If you are looking for a particular modern firearm model, there’s a high chance they will talk about it. Also, they are serious about their videos so you will find out a lot of new stuff.

Don’t hesitate to subscribe if you want high-quality information about newer firearm models.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right shooting channels will help you learn a lot of valuable information that will come in handy sooner or later in your firearm shooting journey. As YouTubers have a big influence today, choosing to go with what they say can be useful and entertaining at the same time. Watch the content on some of these channels, and you won’t leave disappointed.

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