Girls and Guns

girls-and-guns infographicGirls and Guns – what makes a girl want to buy a gun? Why is gun ownership for females on the increase? Is it for safety? How about self-defense? Do women feel that threatened in today’s world? Well, when you have someone victimize you – it’s not about just one reason. It’s about the feeling of safety in your life. Gun store owners reported a 73% increase in female customers. 43% of women report household gun ownership. What are the top 5 firearms for ladies?

As my thoughts regarding an increase in sales and ownership for women are – excited, overjoyed and just plain happy for women across the good old U.S. of A are taking charge of their lives. Making the choices that benefit them – living a life that makes them happy. I don’t want to depend on someone else to defend myself or to protect me. I want to help myself – be a partner, not a responsibility. And, it seems that there are millions of women that feel the same.

Gun store owners reported a 73% increase in female customers. A local gun store owner, Dwayne Butt from Butt’s Out Post Gun Shop said he has seen a major increase in female customers. He quoted 70% increase in female customers from 5 years ago and right at 95% of those women purchase a firearm. The question becomes why the increase? Why now? I don’t think it’s just ONE thing or idea or event in history. I believe it’s a culmination of things.

Look at the unemployment rate today – June 2012 has an 8.2% rate which is consistent with the last 6 months. Prior to that, the unemployment rate from May 2009 to September 2011 went from 8.9% to 10% only dropping below the 9% mark once during that time. Desperate people do desperate things.

But, it’s not just about unemployment. What about the crime rates? Even with crime rates falling, is it falling due to the increase in firearm ownership? There are some who believe that to be the case. And if you look at the decrease of crime overall, what about the clearance rate of those crimes committed? The clearance rate (the percentages of crime solved by the police) for Burglary is 12.4%. Last year 2,159,878 burglaries were reported to police and 12.4% were cleared. There were 267,824 burglaries that were solved in 2010. Robbery is a 28.2% clearance rate for 2010 which means that of the 367,832 robberies committed; only 103,729 were solved by police. And, let’s not forget about Forcible Rape which has a clearance rate of 40.3%. So, there were 84,767 rapes in 2010 and 34,161 victims were vindicated. That means of the 50,606 crimes committed, those perpetrators are still out there raping again and again.

Maybe we’re just taking control of our lives! Sometimes looking at the big picture doesn’t help answer the questions.

Guns for Personal Defense have increased by 83%. And, according to Mr. Butt, his store sells to women mainly for concealed carry and personal defense. So, what kind of guns are women going for these days?

The Glock Model 19 is a nice selection for any woman. The 9mm is a light weight, slim handgun that has years of experience behind it. With the reduced weight and size it can easily be concealed on the body or within a bag for easy access. Glock has made quality firearms for years. They are dependable and used by approximately 65% of the nation’s law enforcement professionals.

Heckler & Koch has introduced the P2000 Compact which is available in the 9mm or the .40 S&W. The appealing features of the Heckler & Koch are the modular grip panels that allow the P2000 to be custom-fit to your hand and the ambidextrous magazine release.

Think of a black polymer frame, matte stainless slide with tritium night sights. This light weight 9mm works well with a purse as it does not have an external hammer. The Kahr Arms P9 was unveiled at the 2000 SHOT Show and is one of the top sellers for women.

However, the Sub-Compact NNA Guardian Pistol is less than 5 inches in length with the weight just over one pound. One distinct difference with this pistol is the caliber, a .380 ACP. There are some opinions who say that a .380 ACP is not what you want in a carry piece. However, I think it’s what you, as the shooter, want. How does it feel to you when you shoot your pistol, is it comfortable?

The LCP Pistol Ruger is just over 5 inches in length and under 4 inches high which would put this pistol in the palm of your hand. This compact rugged constructed pistol has a fixed front and rear sights with a finger grip extension. The weight is just over 9 ounces with an empty magazine which makes it lightweight and ideal for carrying in a busy life.

Today’s manufacturers are starting to build guns with women in mind. You go girls!

Until next time… Kitty Austin

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