Introducing Gun Laws by State, 2012 Edition

The Reciprocal Carry Conundrum: Part I

Conundrum is a noun, and is defined as “something confusing.” Although it may surprise you, there are tens of thousands of laws on the legal books that you face when you engage in carrying a handgun with concealed carry permit (“CCP”) in your state or another state by virtue of reciprocity agreements between certain states.

Therefore, it is not an understatement my dear reader for me to tell you what awaits you (and me) with reciprocal carry: mind-numbing confusion. This is why I have authored the definitive paper (book form) and interactive website for your use in conducting your research on reciprocal carry of a handgun and all that such an endeavor entails.

Gun Laws by State book coverThis paper and e-book and its electronic (and interactive) big brother (“GLBS”) published and maintained by Peritus Holdings, Inc., is the culmination of nearly two (2) decades of work as an attorney who handled firearms legal cases across the spectrum–from wrongful death by misuse of a firearm to representing federal licensed dealers and manufacturers in the industry.

It is my hope that these powerful research tools, coupled with your own companion research and verification of the laws of the reciprocal state, along with diligent attention to the details of your carry while in a reciprocal state, will allow you to remain lawful and not inadvertently run afoul of the law.

Sadly, it is my observation that some of the most zealous and well-intentioned advocates of the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, are the very individuals who unwittingly get themselves into legal trouble for violating the controlling civil and penal laws regarding possession, transportation and carry of a handgun (or long gun for that fact).

Or more tragically, exercise the non-justified use of deadly force, because of an incomplete and inaccurate understanding of the law and/or training about gun-handling and the requisite mindset. On an individual basis, this may result in charges from murder to manslaughter and civil exposure for wrongful death, not to mention the non-legal consequences like post-traumatic stress.

At the local, state and national level, many bad or unfavorable gun laws are the product of a gun owner doing something imprudent with a gun.

With proper planning for reciprocal carry, you can avoid this and embody the virtues of lawful gun ownership. Furthermore, the more you understand and work within the law generally, the better equipped you are to effectuate needed changes.
If GLBS plays a small role in helping you, the user, follow or change the law, which will ultimately support our precious 2nd Amendment, along with the states that have this constitutional right, it has done its part and made a difference–and you as well will have supported this right. In the ensuing parts to this blog series, they unpack the concealed carry conundrum and prime you for your use of GLBS.

On June 4th, 2012, Peritus Holdings, Inc., an American company dedicated to promoting the Second Amendment and gun rights, throughout the Country and the firearms community at large, will release Bryan L. Ciyou’s Gun Laws by State, 2012 Edition.

This blog post is written by Bryan L. Ciyou, esq. Ciyou & Dixon, P.C., Indianapolis, Indiana. This blog is not a solicitation for legal services.

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