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Part I: What You Need To Know About Buying Your First Gun Safe

Part I: Let’s “Safe-It”, Nothing is Safe. What You Need To Know About Buying Your First Gun Safe. Almost everyone who has regularly attended a gun show, worked in a hardware or big-box home improvement store, or as a locksmith across the Country observe that in times of uncertainty (i.e., Y2K, Post-911) and disaster, and now in the current global financial crisis, the home safe has a particular allure and see an up-tick in sales. By Gun Shows Today - your #1 source of gun show schedule dates and locations. It seems no place is really “safe”, including big financial Read More >>

Can I Own a Short-Barreled Shotgun Under the NFA

Can I Own a Short-Barreled Shotgun Under the NFA?  What’s The Big Question About These? It Seems Like Everyone Is Confused.   As an attorney and gun shows today blog contributor, who sometimes addresses NFA questions in the scope of my profession, I have encountered variations of these questions several times. The answer to whether you can own a short-barreled shotgun under the NFA is MAYBE! This blog post should increase your knowledge and help you understand how the law may apply in your state. A close look at “why” the answer is “maybe” explains why there is such Read More >>

How To Check Firearms in Airline Luggage

How To Check Firearms in Airline Luggage...Along with Some Personal Insights. By Gun Shows Today Staff. After September 11, 2001, every facet of airline transportation and operation was examined. In the process, some of the ambiguity of flying with firearms was clarified. Any person who desires to fly with firearms in checked baggage should carefully study the TSA and airline’s most current rules, regulations and policies just prior to departure. Each and every rule and regulation must be followed. There are several general, universal requirements a passenger must follow in every Read More >>

Federal or State Preemption on Gun and Firearms Rights

What It Means and How It Applies In the States To Firearms In recent years, there has been a coordinated national effort by lobby groups like the NRA and Gun Owners of America to get state-based legislation passed. This is in addition to bringing suits to address specific cases where egregious wrongs and gross breaches of the right to keep and bear arms. This is pretty remarkable as these lobbies have remained true to their more central mission of maintaining strong lobbies in Congress for federal matters impacting gun ownership. They have done well on all accounts. In fact, for the Read More >>

Record Gun Sales on “Black Friday”

Record Gun Sales on Black Friday

What Does It Mean, If Anything? By Gun Shows Today Staff. Over the years, the term “Black Friday” has been used as a pejorative term to refer to bad state or national events that happened to occur, well, on Friday, of course! For those employed in retail sales, Black Friday may have a negative association–throngs of shoppers trying to get a great deal on the Friday following Thanksgiving. The owners and shareholders (of larger stores) at retail associate the term “Black Friday” with whether their operations will be in the black (making money) or red (losing money). So Read More >>

Virginia Tech’s (Second) Campus Shooting

Virginia Tech’s (Second) Campus Shooting (12:08:11)

It Takes a Hard Look to Make Sense of a Senseless Act By Gun Shows Today Staff. In the wake of Virginia Tech’s second on-campus shooting in a few years, the GST staff thought this tragedy worthy of serious contemplation. To date, the April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech shooting spree, during which 32 people were murdered by a lone gunman, before the gunman killed himself, marks the greatest loss of life by a shooting at a U.S. college or university. Now again . . . . Who, or what, is responsible? At fault? To blame? As a point of departure, keep in mind humans have attempted to answer Read More >>

The Elmore’s Firearms Burglary in Greenwood, Indiana


A Case Study for FFLs and Individuals By Gun Shows Today Staff. At Gun Shows Today, we advocate safe and lawful firearms ownership. We do this by providing you with accurate, high-quality, thought-provoking educational information for the firearms community through media releases like this blog post. We are of the fundamental view with news of the day, both good and bad, such as when Charlton Heston held a up a (replica) Sharps rifle up at the 129th NRA Convention and famously uttered the words, “From my cold, dead hands!”, to very recent night time smash and grab at Elmore’s Read More >>

Six Keys to Running a Good Gun Show

Anyone who has been to and enjoyed a good time at gun shows may think it is an easy way for a promoter to make a buck. Nothing could be further from the truth. The ease comes from experience, but more importantly, hours of pre-planning and relentless attention to detail. There are lots of gun shows, but few good ones and even fewer great ones. Whether you are an attendee, dealer or promoter, understanding the six keys to what makes for a well-oiled gun show provides insight for all segments of gun industry, ownership, safety and the business world at large. Zip-Tied Guns. The simple Read More >>

The Three (3) Barriers To Federal License To Carry

The Three (3) Barriers To Federal License To Carry As attorneys who handle and monitory firearms cases and legislation across the United States, Ciyou & Dixon, P.C. advocates observe that in almost every session of Congress, bills are put forth to adopt into law a federal CCP. Although these may not ever come to fruition, it is helpful to understand the major barriers to such in order to help some day tilt the balance in favor of a passage at the right time. As advocates who have handled a broad array of gun issues, and write and teach on the topic extensively, it appears there are Read More >>

Can I Buy A Machine Gun At A Gun Shop or Gun Show?

Can I Buy A Machine Gun At A Gun Shop or Gun Show? Yes, no, or maybe? The answer; actually, is all three (3): “yes,” “no,” and/or “maybe.” The broad answer is “yes” if is a pre-May, 1986. All machine guns made after this time are illegal for individuals to purchase, own or possess. However, there are always exceptions. The very same machine gun may be illegal to purchase and possess if it is illegal to do so under state or local law. Most states have a law prohibiting machine guns. Several states provide exceptions for those registered under the National Firearms Read More >>

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