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Dear GW,

I am looking to take my shooting to the next level. I want to get out and take some serious combat style class. What should I look for? Gun-ho

Dear Gun-Ho,

There are actually a lot of instructors who will take your money and give you the benefit of their combat experience, be it on a battle field or on a computer screen. If you want the real deal, you need to ask. There are some awesome instructors out there, and I had the honor of meeting one recently. He is the real deal, former Marine, former LEO, smart and funny! I’ve also met some who teach “tactical courses” and the closest they have ever come to a “tactical situation” was while watching a Steven Segal movie. Ask yourself why you want this kind of class? Is it for fun, for the experience, or because you want to apply your new skills in the “real world”? If it is for one of the first two, go for it, enjoy and recognize that the real world application of these skills is best left to the professionals. Whatever you do, be sure you are attending a class where safety is the number on priority.

Be safe,

The Gun Whisperer

This article is not intended to provide legal advice, nor is the substitute for consultation with a trained or certified gun-smith or trainer in making any particular decision or election not to act. Laws, customs, and weapons choices vary widely within states across the country for reasons ranging from climate, general and specific dangers, and political philosophy.

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