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Dear Gun Whisperer,

I live in a large apartment complex and I don’t want to call attention to myself going to the range, but all the range bags look so, well, gun-like. What a girl to do? Looking for Discretion…

Dear Looking for Discretion,

This is an easy question for me. I don’t always like to advertise to my neighbors, either. You can use almost anything as a range bag. A Beach Tote works well, a gym bag, a diaper bag (assuming you are no longer using it for a little one, babies and lead do not mix). 5.11 Tactical makes some great backpacks that are discrete and very functional. carries some really adorable range bangs in fabics like golden or purple leopard. She also carries a great assortment of soft pistol that don’t look like gun cases and would fit into your discrete tote better than the hard shell that most pistols come with. And, if you are in a state that requires it, they have a large zipper tab and metal loop, so they are lockable.

This means, you can be stylish and go to the range, all with complete discretion. Have Fun! I always say; A Bad Day at the Range Beats a Good Day in the Office!

Be safe,

The Gun Whisperer

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