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Dear Gun Whisperer

My home state doesn’t have any good Gun Shows near me, but just across the line, in the next state, there is a great one.  Can I buy a gun there and take it home with me?

Signed, On the Border

Dear On the Border,

Simple answer, sort of.  First, know if there are any restrictions in your home state, such as magazine capacity, that could interfere with your desired firearm.  Gun Laws by State is a great reference.

Second, know before you go.  Find a friendly gun store near you because you are not going to be able to carry your new baby home, you will need to have it shipped, Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) to FFL, or dealer to dealer.  They will charge a minimal fee for this service, but it keeps you within the laws of your home state.  You will need to get the Name, Address, Phone number and FFL number.

Third, go shopping!  Don’t expect that the dealer you buy from will know all the laws in your home state, which is why you want to know if there are restrictions.  Ask if they will ship to your local FFL BEFORE you buy.  Provide the dealer all the information and they can arrange the transfer for you and in a week or so, you can go in complete whatever documents your state requires and bring your new baby home.

Remember, you need to comply with the laws in your home state.  If you try to transfer in something that isn’t legal the receiving FFL won’t be able to give it to you.  When in doubt, look it up or ask your local shop specific questions before you go.

Happy Shopping!

The Gun Whisperer

This article is not intended to provide legal advice, nor is the substitute for consultation with a trained or certified gun-smith or trainer in making any particular decision or election not to act. Laws, customs, and weapons choices vary widely within states across the country for reasons ranging from climate, general and specific dangers, and political philosophy.

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