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Dear Gun Whisperer,

My Husband wants to get a gun for home defense.  It is just us, no kids…yet.  But, Guns scare me.  He thinks I’m being unreasonable but I’m not sure I want one in the house.  What should I do?


Sleepless in the Suburbs

Dear Sleepless,

Are you afraid of your car?  Lawnmower?  Stand Mixer?  These are tools, in the right hands they produce good results, in the wrong hands, they can be dangerous.  Ever watch how fast the beaters spin on the mixer?  Guns are tools.  Alone, they are completely harmless, it takes human intervention to make them work.  I have yet to hear a credible story of a gun loading itself, pointing and pulling it’s own trigger.  I think the odds of your car rolling down a hill without a driver are a lot higher.

Consider taking a basic gun class, get introduced to shooting by someone other than your husband, preferably someone with experience with nervous students.  You might never come to love shooting but it may help you understand than tool and accept Its presence in your home.

Good Luck!

The Gun Whisperer

This article is not intended to provide legal advice, nor is the substitute for consultation with a trained or certified gun-smith or trainer in making any particular decision or election not to act. Laws, customs, and weapons choices vary widely within states across the country for reasons ranging from climate, general and specific dangers, and political philosophy.

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