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Asking Questions

Many new shooters look to more experienced shooters for advice and suggestions.  What if you don’t know anyone?  There are a lot of sources of information.  Talk to the people working at your local range, ask an instructor, or…send us your question!  Do you remember Dear Abby?  Welcome to Dear Gun Whisperer.  The guest bloggers on this site have lots of experience as shooters, instructors and…well, offering opinions.  If you have a question you can email and ask your question, then watch for your answer to appear in the gun blogs on

We will do our very best to offer good advice, but remember, you are responsible for being a safe and responsible shooter and gun owner.  We, and this site, are not legally or financially liable for the advice or suggestions you receive.

To give you an idea how this works, I’m going to tackle a question that came up recently in a class.

Pistol vs RevolverDear Gun Whisperer,

I’m trying to decide between a revolver and a semi-automatic.  I’m a woman, petite and have been told that with my smaller size a revolver would be easier for me to operate.

Thank you,

Tiny inTexas

Dear Tiny inTexas,

Your choice in a firearm is based on more than your size.  What kind of shooting will you do, your hand strength, how often you are willing to practice…these are all factors.  Assuming that you are looking for a good self defense gun, and are willing to go to the range at least once a month to practice, consider the following:

  • Revolvers generally have a heavier trigger pull than a semi-automatic.  Somewhere in the ballpark of 12 pounds versus 5 pounds of pull.  More finger on the trigger will cause your shot to go to the side, you should be using just the center of the front pad of your trigger finger.
  • Racking the slide, which many people fear, is more about leverage than about strength, and once you get it, you will have it forever.
  • A smaller gun, while easier to conceal, is generally harder to shoot because you don’t have the weight and barrel length to help you handle recoil.
  • Defensive shooting is about shots on target, roughly 6 inch group in high center chest.  Remember, you are NOT shooting to wound, maim or kill, you are shooting to STOP THE THREAT.  So can you get multiple shots off quickly with a revolver, and be defensively accurate?  Are you faster and / or more accurate with a semi-automatic?   Sometimes you need to try it to find out.  Consider going to a range that rents firearms and trying a few, or go shooting with someone, or Best Option, take a class and let the instructor know you want to try both types of firearms.

In the end, the right gun for you is the gun that fits your hand, that you can shoot quickly and accurately, and you are comfortable with.

Safe Shooting.

The Gun Whisperer

This article is not intended to provide legal advice, nor is the substitute for consultation with a trained or certified gun-smith or trainer in making any particular decision or election not to act. Laws, customs, and weapons choices vary widely within states across the country for reasons ranging from climate, general and specific dangers, and political philosophy.