Happy New Year!

2019 is a year for adventure and a new gun!  I’ve always said I should have a gun for every year I am old.  Not telling my age today….  So, how many guns do you have?  My favorite firearm is a handgun.  Of course, I have different handguns for different reasons.  The gun I carry, the one I believe works best for me is a Smith & Wesson, .38 – 5 shot revolver.  It’s light weight and fits in my purse, a concealed-carry purse.

When competing in Cowboy Action Shooting, I have a brace of Rugers.  I use the Ruger Super Blackhawk in .44 caliber for competition.  Mine are the older 3 screw modules and they are sweet to shoot.  I’ve won the long distant shoot on a few occasions with them.  One time I won by shooting 5 times in under 4 seconds at 50 yards.  Now, it took a few times (entries) as one other person and I would go back and forth for first place.  There were over 100 entries and the competition fierce.  It’s one of my favorite handguns.

Revolvers are fun and exciting to shoot but let’s not forget semi-autos.  What I’ve found, over the years, is my Browning Hi Power.  The Browning, for me, is without a doubt one of the best handguns around.  It has a smooth action and great trigger pull.  When I was younger, and my eyes were better – I could shoot flower heads off the stems.

You can never have too many guns….  They can be fun in so many ways.  Every year I hunt with my Dad, I compete while making new friends and simply spend time with my family and friends in an outgoing competition.  What are you looking for in 2019?  What will your next gun be in 2019?


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