How to Read a Man by His Choice of Gun

Every person is described by the things he owns or holds dear. For example, you see a man walking down with a Chihuahua, you will know that he has a very different personality to the one holding a Rottweiler by the leash.

The same thing applies to guns. While there’s no exact science for linking a gun type to a certain kind of person, there are still some things that seem to be very common. Some of them are stereotypes, others are jokes with a seed of truth inside of them. This is why you need to hold onto your sense of humor and an open mind while reading this article.

Here’s what a choice of gun generally says about the personality of the man holding it:

  • Large Frame Revolvers

Large frame revolvers are those small guns that you can fit inside a pocket and that you usually see pulled out in every cowboy movie. They are generally the preferred choice when you’re looking for a concealed carry weapon since they don’t occupy a lot of space in a regular handbag. All you need to ensure is that it has the safety on.

So, what does this gun say about you? Well, for one, it says that you want to be a cowboy – or Clint Eastwood. If you don’t want to be either of them, then it means you are just the type of man that wants to get the job done as easily as possible – without much trouble on the way.

Pull the gun out, cock it, shoot; a classic way of getting the job done, without any fancy additions. Deep inside, you may also be the type of person that fears change – which is why you may be sticking to the “evil you know.”

  • Polymer Frame Pistols

If you prefer polymer frame pistols of no particular brand or model, then this might mean you are a person who likes innovation but aren’t completely focused on aesthetic appeal. You may lack the imagination – or may simply not care.

You’re not the type of person that is worried to pull the trigger – no matter if it’s on a gun or a life activity. In the eyes of most people, you are a “doer.” You are the kind of person that likes to get the job done on your own – and are looking for reliability over everything else.

You are also a person that prefers convenience over durability. Polymer frame guns are more lightweight – which makes them perfect for carrying around every day. You always carry the gun on you just to be safe, even though you might not need it. You are only carrying it for a dose of reassurance.

  • Small Frame Revolvers

Small frame revolvers are generally a woman’s choice since they are “small and cute;” however, they are also convenient for men who don’t like to carry much on them.

A small frame revolver says that you don’t really care what people say about you, as long as you get the job done. You don’t care much about the caliber of a gun; you are only concerned about accuracy and reliability.

Those who choose small frame revolvers are also the types that want to mingle in with the crowds. They don’t want to grab a lot of attention from other people – and are generally the ones who like to do things from the shadows, without necessarily getting the credit for it. They believe in a job well done, regardless of the publicity.

  • Desert Eagle .50E

You are a man of power – and you want everyone else to know that. You have the personality of a leader – someone who stands at the top of the food chain. A person that owns a .50 doesn’t carry a gun just because of its effectiveness – but because its size also alludes to their power. A bigger gun leads to the personality of an alpha.

Since this gun features a single-shot accuracy with considerable recoil, you believe that everything should be resolved with only one shot. Owners of this type of gun don’t like to trouble themselves too much, which is why its semi-automatic system compliments them perfectly.

  • FN Five-Seven Tactical

In this case, guns are not for safety-purpose only – but also to fuel a sense of adventure. Owners of this gun have a forward type of thinking – a dynamic soul that is thirsting for innovation and is always striving for the best.

50% is not sufficient for holders of this gun. You aim for efficiency – and you want to do it as flawlessly as possible. This is why this single-action pistol with a high capacity can help you get the job done.

In some cases, owners of this gun want to seem like something they are not. They want to be seen as skillful and confident – when they are actually just learning. This type of gun has soft recoil along with an easy racking system – making it very easy to handle. It is understandable why a beginner would prefer this model – since it brings more accuracy even to beginners.

  • Sig Sauer P226

These models are slightly fancier with a bit of an aesthetic touch. You care about functionality, but you are also an artist that likes to keep visually appealing.

You are also the kind of person that likes to follow the law. These kinds of guns are the favorite of law enforcement – and you want to show your support by purchasing this model. You may also dream of being a cop – or a protector. Generally, people buy these guns not only for their own protection – but for the protection of those around them.

Final Thoughts

You might think that “guns are just guns,” but there’s a certain pattern to how people select them. They are chosen based on the owner’s preferences – and sometimes, they don’t realize that a certain personality trait “slipped” when they purchased a gun. This is why sometimes you only need to see a person’s gun to understand what kind of person he (or she) is.

Jay Chambers – Pro Free Speech Writer, Disaster Survivalist, Business Owner. Believes in Resiliency and Self Sufficiency in an Increasingly Unpredictable World.

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