Hypocrisy in Action

More and more politicians are working hard to ensure that you and I, the law abiding citizen, are unable to lawfully carry, or in some cases, even own, firearms. Maryland, New York are just two states that have paved the way for restrictions on gun rights for their citizens. Now, Virginina, long a bastion of Gun Rights, is about to be led by a Democratic Governor who has appointed a staunch anti-gunner to his transition team.

Where is the hypocrisy? These politicians, who would deny you and I the right to armed defense of ourselves and our families have armed security details…paid for by taxes. Some politicians want armed details after they leave their political positions, again, paid for by the same people to whom they would deny the right of self-defense.

What can we do? We have choices, but the first, and most important one, is to VOTE! Virginia is getting an anti-gun Governor, at least in part, because of voter turnout. 37% of registered voters actually went to the polls in Virginia in Nov 2013. That is just over one third of all registered voters. Contrast that with the shockingly low 57.7% for the 2012 Presidential Election.

So, who is the biggest hypocrite, the politician with the sense of special entitlement or the citizen who complains about the politicians but can’t be bothered to go to the poll to vote?

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