INTRODUCING THE 2013 EDITION GUN LAWS BY STATE: Reciprocal Carry – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Growing up in a rural area, guns were an ordinary part of my daily teenage life, as well my friends. We were safe, very safe, and I remember reading the Indiana Department of Natural Resources hunting guide to make sure I knew the law. I continued these interests in firearms in adult life, and in fact, participated in an informal shooting club during law school.

It is not surprising that as a legal intern at a local prosecutor’s office, when I knew and could identify guns used in crimes off the top of my head, I became assigned with legal research projects, like was someone carrying a handgun with a license in a car with other people if it was not in their actual possession, like stuck in their pants, but was under a seat (constructive possession).

What was so striking or “bad” is that I spent hours and could not really find much in the way of gun law, and what I found was not in any way connected to local ordinances on firearms or federal law. Eventually, in trying to answer some of my own personal questions as an attorney, I decided I should write out a little guide covering the basics. This took on its own life and I have now written three books onIndianalaw and taught and lectured all over the country.

I had always wanted to write a national book covering local, state, and federal law for those involved in reciprocal carry or for off duty police officers who were carrying off duty in other states under HR 218 (the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004). The problem I faced is such a book would be so much of a summary as to leave a false sense of security and an otherwise law abiding citizen would run afoul of more technical issues in other states. Or worse yet, write a book that covers the tens upon tens of thousands of laws, making the book so large and unwieldy no one would read it.

Fortunately, in the last several years hand held devices have become almost an indispensible tool available to everyone. Thus, I decided to write a book covering local, state and federal gun laws that addressed what most people would need to follow the law most of the time which can be written in a few pages. And provide hyperlinks to all of the official or good sources where other questions can be answered. In addition, I created an interactive reciprocity map that can be updated literally as a law changes day by day which come with access to book purchasers, in paper or electronic format. The Gun Laws by State was born and launched to national success in 2012.

Every year, it will “good” and will get better and better and responsive to readers questions and concerns.  Gun Laws by State was just released to fanfare and is use across the Country. It is available at and is the best investment you can make in understanding your state’s laws, reciprocal carry, use of force, and interstate transportation. Without it and your own prudent research, you cannot know the laws, and may well face what many innocent gun owners do—the ugly civil or criminal exposure by not know the law.

Get with the times and order your copy today. is your one stop shop. And it is your book as well so tell us what you would like to see in future editions.

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