It’s A Whole New World

I grew up in an age of courtesy, men opened doors for women, I wore hats and gloves on Sunday, I didn’t eat dinner in front of the TV with my fingers.   It wasn’t all Donna Reed (if you don’t get the reference, you  are under 45).  No one had heard of the Sober Friend or Designated Driver, we didn’t wear helmets to ride bikes and sexist behavior was accepted and common.

Recently I attended Shot Show in Las Vegas.  I was shocked that men stepped aside for me to get on the escalator, held doors, stood to one side…I commented on it and was reminded it wasn’t Vegas, it was that I was surrounded by shooters.  Shooters, as a group, tend to be some of the nicest folks in the world.

Then, today, I was shooting at the range, and when I came off I was approached by a man whom I hadn’t seen on the range.   He critiqued my grip, and then asked what caliber I was shooting , expressing surprise because my “gun was jumping”.  I was too stunned to ask if he was an instructor, where he had been standing that he could see my thumbs, why he felt qualified to approach a woman he didn’t know and tell her how to shoot and would he do it to a man?  I checked in with some other women and, gee, this apparently happens a lot!  One woman said it has even happened when she was wearing a n Instructor shirt.  He apparently thought she borrowed it from her husband.

This is a whole new world.  Women Shoot!  Many of us are instructors, competitors, and maybe more skilled because we’ve taken the training, than the man who wants to offer advice.

So, next time you are tempted to critique someone’s shooting, ask yourself these questions;

Would I say this to a man?

Was the person dangerous to him/herself or others?

Did they ask for my advice?

If the answer to all of these is no, it may be time to stay silent.

Safe Shooting!

Lynne Finch

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