Motorcycle Trip and “Gun Laws by State” by Bryan Ciyou

A 21 day trip on a 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic is as much fun as anything else to do in the summer time. In getting ready for the trip (as any gun tote’n citizen would do) I thought it would be important to know where I could carry my handgun and where they frowned on such things. So, where did I turn, my 2012 Edition of Gun Laws By State by Bryan Ciyou. You might ask yourself, “Well why is she talking about a book in her blog?” I don’t have a good reason other than I want to share what I thought and what happened.

Starting off in Indiana, I have my life time carry permit from the state of Indiana. I have not ‘really’ lived anywhere else and I’ve carried a gun (legally) on me since my 21st birthday, 30 years. I know where I’m allowed to carry and where I’m not in Indiana. But, going off on a 21 day adventure in 10 states I thought we need to have some knowledge. So, I would like to talk about the first TWO states we rode through; Illinois and Missouri.

Illinois, no offense meant to the good folks of Illinois but I think their laws on gun issues ‘SUCK’, yes I said that – they suck! I have competed with firearms in Illinois from time to time as well as set up at a few gun shows. I think I might be getting off track here… The book, as we carried it with us, gave us an opportunity to ‘make sure’ we were on target with our guns and how we carried them.

In a recent article by John Schmidt from the Chicago Tribune he writes that Governor Pat Quinn should sign the concealed carry statute that was passed by the General Assembly in June. However, in an article written yesterday in the Quad-City Times said that Governor Quinn “TWEAKS” the concealed carry gun legislation.

So, you can carry a gun but only ONE firearm and you can NOT carry a firearm in any establishment where alcohol is served. Illinois legislators have until July 9, as was the deadline for Illinois to adopt a concealed carry law by federal judges. Quinn is quoted saying “This is a flawed bill with serious safety problems that must be addressed.” According to the FBI, the changes from 2011 to 2012 statistics shown on UCR cities over 1 million have violent crimes, murder, forcible rape and robbery increasing. Forcible rape has increased by 3.2%. Don’t we want to protect ourselves? What do you think? Should the Illinois legislation all qualified gun owners who pass a background check and undergo 16 hours of training to obtain a permit?

For the most part, Illinois does not have a reciprocal carry statute so we needed to really pay attention to their laws. We carried our unloaded firearms in a locked bag while in Illinois. But, what if we needed them?

There was and is some really beautiful county in Illinois as we took I-70 down towards St Louis. Seeing the Arch is spectacular on a motorcycle. Nothing to hinder our view as we looked out towards the sunset.

Missouri, as we rode through this state – the 18th largest in the United States by the way we stopped to read our book. Bryan Ciyou writes, “Missouri will not consider the carrying of a firearm unlawful, so long as the carrier has a valid license or endorsement issued by another state:…”

Recently in the news, Missouri legislators passed a gun rights bill last session that “prohibited the written or electronic publication of information that identifies gun owners” said, Susan Redden of The Joplin Globe. The Missouri Press Association is asking Governor Jay Nixon to veto the bill saying that it violates the 1st Amendment. No longer would the news media be allowed to publish information about victims of theft in relationship to firearms.

Even though I don’t agree, most of the time, with the news media or how they report the news I respect our U.S. Constitution and the rights of everyone. But, I would wander about the rights of the victim? They have a right to NOT be public news don’t they? To some privacy? What do you think?

Missouri was a great state to ride through as well, pretty scenery and we took our time on US 44. We stayed, our first night in Lebanon.

I will continue with our trip across the country talking about each state’s carry laws and my adventures. The one point I will make here is that this book was information that I needed to know to be safe and within the laws where we traveled.

I would also like to ask you – these following questions.

When did we become a society where we needed someone else to protect us? And, do these laws help to protect us or do they hinder us from protecting ourselves?

Until the next time when we look at Oklahoma and Texas…..

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