Motorcycle Trip with Kitty Austin and “Gun Laws by State” by Bryan Ciyou (Part II)

The last time I talked about the first two states of my 21 day trip on a 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic, again it is as much fun as anything else to do in the summer time. I do want to briefly update on Illinois – just as I finished submitting the blog Illinois’ Legislators overrode the veto by Governor Pat Quinn on the Federal appellate court order mandating that Illinois uphold the Second Amendment. Even though Illinois has this new legislation Chicago’s police superintendent still suggests that guns are the cause of the city’s violence. Has he ever heard of knives? What about just a plain beating? Sure, I have to admit that a gun is “easier” but the violence will happen so who’s going to protect those honest citizens from the thug with a knife? Or a baseball bat? Or a piece of fishing line? Illinois has a long way to go in my book.

But, I want to take you to the next two states that we were traveling through: Oklahoma and Texas…..


In Bryan Ciyou’s Gun Laws by State Oklahoma “…recognizes any valid concealed carry weapons permit or license issued by another state.” What a great state – I’m a law-abiding citizen and Oklahoma says, hey, we recognize that you are law-abiding, honest and responsible. If your state says you can have a CCP – well, we will accept it.

I do want to say as we rode through Oklahoma on US 44 through Oklahoma City and then out on US 40 it was a long ride. We rode over 360 miles through beautiful Oklahoma and not once worried that we might be harmed in anyway. Oh, I know that crime happens and it happens to good honest people but we were always aware of what was around us. Now, Oklahoma City, that is a different story as we rode through the city in multiple lanes of traffic at 5:00 PM. I will say it wasn’t something I look forward to again but I’m a country girl through and through. We stayed in Elk City, Oklahoma on our second night out making it about 450 miles the second day. I know I’ve said it before but traveling by motorcycle is a great way to see the country. I enjoyed Oklahoma. I have pulled up the FBIs Uniform Crime Report (preliminary report) it shows Tulsa and Norman being down in several crime categories but Oklahoma City had a rise in most areas.

I wanted to bring in some news about Oklahoma as it makes for a fun read. I found something on the death penalty with which I agree pro death penalty. In an article from the San Francisco Chronicle by Tim Talley, “Oklahoma court upholds death penalty in killings” Roderick Lynn Smith’s appeal was denied and after 20 years on death row it appears that justice will be served. Smith admitted killing his wife and her four children ranging in age from 6 to 9 years of age. According to Talley, this was the second time the state appellate court has reviewed evidence of alleged mental retardation with Smith. My thoughts here are he admitted to the killing of four human beings! What rights does he have in our society? Even if he was “mentally retarded” does that mean he doesn’t know right from wrong? Thank you Oklahoma’s state appellate court for affirming the murder convictions and sentence for a tragic point in time.

As we left the great state of Oklahoma little did we know that we were only two days in front of the devastating tornado which hit Oklahoma City. My heart and prayers go out to those that where there and effected by that terrible event. Bill and I were blessed for sure.


Texas, we fell in love with Texas. This great country of ours is a magnificent place to see and I want to before I leave this world. But Texas will always hold a large place in our hearts. Not only are the people wonderful and friendly but the country is breathtaking. We stopped at a rest stop and couldn’t believe how much was there. “Eight of the 15 fastest-growing large United States cities and towns for the year ending July 1, 2012 were in Texas, according to population estimates released today by the U.S. Census Bureau.” (United States’ Census Bureau, 2013) I believe this has something to do with the climate today regarding gun control. People want to be where they feel safe and are of like minds where the state recognizes there basic right to personal freedoms.

I recently received an email about a Texas husband who shot 2 bank robbers to protect both, he and his wife. I linked to and to sum it up two guys kidnapped (at gun point) the couple as they knew she worked for the bank. They forced her to take an undisclosed amount of money from the bank and then forced the husband to drive in the “get away”. The husband had an opportunity to snatch his handgun shooting both perpetrators. After calling 911, the perpetrators were taken to the hospital where one still resides in critical condition while the other will not be kidnapping any more people. The article from Fox News states that the community is behind them. What a great ending to a horrible situation. Those two perpetrators were going to kill that couple as sure as I’m sitting here typing on my computer.

It was with mixed emotions that we left Texas. As I said, we fell in love with the state not only because of the beauty but the stand they have on gun issues. We need to head west now so off we go into New Mexico and on to Arizona.

Until the Next Time….. Kitty Austin

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