My Reasons for Owning Firearms…Reason #10

I was sitting down this month wondering what people would like to read about this month. I don’t like to talk politics, well too much. I like a healthy discussion, but I find it’s better in person for that type of conversation. As I’m reviewing articles and information that might be fun I come across an article from the Medium Corporation, The Bigger Picture. The “Note from the Editor” suggest that they take life experiences and explore for a deeper meaning to start a much-needed conversation. I agree. So, here is my conversation on things we can and do – do with our guns that aren’t criminal.

I don’t know if what they wrote was simply for fun or if they’re serious. But, it gave me this idea. Why do we want a gun? I’m starting with handguns as that’s my favorite as I shared last month. I want to list my top ten reasons for owning, not just one but different types of handguns. I’m going to share one a week….. Top Ten, starting with number 10.

10. They can be used in sporting event. I went to the National Shooting Sports Foundation and found a list of handgun shooting sports. They divided the sports into three areas: action shooting, silhouette, and precision. They also provided links to other organizations that would provide information on the different types. Such as the action shooting area where NSSF provided a link to the United States Practical Shooting Association.

I was on the college pistol team as an undergrad and had a lot of fun making new friends.

What is your number 10 reason for owning a handgun? Watch for number 9….


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