My Reasons for Owning Firearms…Reason #4

4. A right guaranteed by our founding fathers.

This is one of my favorites and you can tell because it’s number four. I love history! But what I’ve found with history is that it changes as society moves forward. The farther away from the event, the more distorted it becomes as it is re-written. That is, the interpretation of what happened or what was meant by someone is viewed with a perspective of current experiences.

I’ve heard people say we don’t need firearms now. They’re not really needed for food. Not needed for protection as that is what the police are for today. So, why do we need them? They only allow people to commit crime and violence with ease. So, have we grown as a society to not need them? I can see why people would say those things. Why people are fearful of firearms. Now, I am not saying I agree but I do see why people might feel that way.

To me, the right guaranteed by our founding fathers is a responsibly for the future of our country. Again, my interpretation but don’t we want the freedoms April 19, 1775 in the Battles of Lexington and Concord afford us today? Why did we fight? I’m not sure we will ever understand how they each felt but I will suggest that they wanted to protect the future of the country, the future of their families with allowing people to take responsibly of their own actions, their own life.

I was raised to take responsibly for my own actions and sometimes that’s hard. Part of that responsibly is the ability to guarantee our freedoms. Freedom from tyranny. Freedom from oppression. Freedom to protect what’s ours? Our family?

I would like a perfect world, but that’s not going to happen. Wasn’t that what, in part, was happening with our founding fathers

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