My Reasons for Owning Firearms…Reason #5

5. Recreational Shooting.

Have you ever just taken a day to go to the range? My family has a place that we can go to shoot, have a little friendly competition and simply enjoy the day with friends and family.

A typical day at the range starts out around 7 AM. Hubby and I start gathering what we want to shoot and that can be a lot. Ranging from handguns to rifle to shotguns – really all of it. Gathering firearms and ammunition, we pack the SUV. This takes about an hour…..

Once we get there, to a private range for family, we start the process of unpacking and staging. Again, that process can take a little time. But the camaraderie and friendship that is built while arranging and planning during that first hour will last a life time. One reason for this type of fun.

During the day, we have personal bests. We have competitions with each other. One of my favorites deals with distance. My husband, Dad and me often compete with distance shooting. That can be with handguns or rifles. And, when there is a tie we start to expand the distance. It’s a toss up on who wins.

There are times when a young family member will come, and they get to shoot with Aunt Kitty. I have a nephew who loves to shoot. He’s a little young so can only shoot with an adult. But he’s learning the safety and why that safety is important.

Recreational shooting is a fun hobby. One that can be shared by many and passed down from generation to generation. Until next time…

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