My Reasons for Owning Firearms…Reason #6

6. Family heirlooms.

For some, that would include me, history is fascinating.  Imagine if you will, walking the ground where George Washington stood to ponder the future of this great nation.  Visualize exploring the ground where George Armstrong Custer confronted Sioux and Cheyenne warriors on June 25, 1976 at the Little Big Horn River.   What would it be like to see and walk around the Alamo where roughly 200 Texans were killed by Santa Anna’s Mexican army?

History can teach us about who we are as a person and as a culture.  So, when your grandfather hands down his first rifle to you, that history is passed down as well.

I have a few pieces that were my grandfather’s and I have a few that my father gave me over the years – one piece, a Ruger 3-screw, 44 mag.  I have always admired that gun, which he bought in new 1964.  The stories I know about this gun from my dad.  It was the first handgun he used to hunt deer with in Indiana.  It was the first handgun he bought as a married man.  It was the handgun he used to take his first buck with a handgun.  The stories….

We were always teasing back and forth about the gun, it was one that I told him I wanted after “he made that great transition into the sky.”  One year, he gifted me with that piece for my birthday.  It matches, as close as it can be without consecutive serial numbers, the Ruger, 3-screw .44 magnum he and my mother gave me for Christmas in 1981.

I love my family, the history we have together and having pieces that were my grandfather’s or his father is a piece of my history.  I have a few pieces that were my grandfather’s and it means so much to have them.  Would I buy them outright?  Most likely no, but they mean something to me simply because they were my grandfather’s.  One day, my son or his son will have them, and they’ll mean something to him.

What will you leave to your children?  What did your grandfather pass on to you?

Until the next time…..

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