My Reasons for Owning Firearms…Reason #8

8. An artform, precision shooting

Precision shooting is an art form, in my opinion. To watch someone like Annie Oakley. Annie Oakley was a popular sharp shooter in the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. According to an article written by Suzanne Raga, Annie Oakley shot her first gun at 8 years old.

Women such as Margaret Thomas Murdock, from the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games and Lyudmila Pavlichenko from the Soviet Union are more recent examples of this art. We also see women today like Julie Golob, Kimberly Rhodes and Jessie Duff. Masters in their field and their ability is art in motion.

The Illinois Junior Precision Shooters founded in 2004 is an example of future precision shooters. Their goal is to “identity, educate, train and develop junior precision pistol athletes.” Imagine, if you will the excitement of a younger person learning the patience’s and determination to compete at a national level. To show their mental and physical control over this skill, to be one of the top shooters.

The Olympic Games show another type of precision shooting. In the men’s category you will find 50m pistol and 50m rifle 3 positions for example. In the Rio 2016 Olympic games, Will Brown was 10th in the 50m Pistol for men.

Precision shooting is art in motion.


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