My Reasons for Owning Firearms…Reason #9

  1. Collecting firearms, handguns in this case.

Just like collecting stamps, coins to just about anything that holds your interest – collecting firearms is fascinating.  Think about this, you have a firearm that was owned by General Patton (one of my favorite people) or John Wayne (I love his westerns)?  It’s a piece of history that has meaning to the person who collects it.  Maybe, the idea of being “that” close to a person you admire.

I have a piece from my grandfather.  It’s nothing extraordinary but it means something to me as it was my grandfather’s.  I also have my first handgun (my favorite) that I received as a gift from my parents when I was 19.  A handgun is a great Christmas present.  Both pieces mean something to me, they are a part of my history and connected to people I care about.

So why do people collect things?  According to Mark B McKinley in an article written for The National Psychologist, collecting can be an investment.  Buy at one price, while you have the money and sell in the future to help with the cost of living when you’re older.  Some for the pure enjoyment while other will collect for the social interaction.  When you buy a firearm, you must talk with people, normally.  Going to a gun store or gun show is a great socialization situation.

Some people like to collect items to preserve the past.  As I’ve said, what would it be like to have General Patton’s gun or John Wayne’s?  Collecting can be an adventure.  Searching for that one piece that is unique or a one of a kind.

What would you like to collect?  What type of handguns and why?

References: Mark B McKinley, E. (2007, January 1). The Psychology of Collecting. Retrieved from The National Psychologist:

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