One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Three if by…Graveyard?

Zombie Apocalypse; it is everywhere!  Movies, video games, T-Shirts, shooting targets, ammo, even gun designs.  In May, 2011, the Center for Disease Control issues a Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse blog.  The intent was to get people prepared for a natural or man-made disaster and offered tips as relevant to a hurricane as to a Zombie attack, perhaps more so, I have my doubts about a zombie free refugee camp.

Why now?  IMHO the world is a scary place.  We have wars, threats against our nation, terrorist plots, the risk of things that are not seen until they happen…who can forget how they felt on Sep 11, 2001?  Zombies help take some of that fear and channel it into something campy.  It isn’t new.  Zombies figured prominently in Michael Jackson’s Thriller in 1982.

The first Zombie movie of the major film era was White Zombie with Bella Lugosi in 1932.  The USA was in the midst of “The Great Depression”.  The trend continued, and the iconic Night of the Living Dead was released in 1968.  The 60s were a very turbulent time for us, assassinations of John and Bobby Kennedy, Dr King, the Vietnam war…  Zombies gave us a place to put our fear and an escape from the everyday.

Zombies seem to rise from the dead, so to speak, as a focus point whenever our country is enduring tumultuous times.  The technology changes, but the theme is the same.  It is a campy, safe way to be scared and make the fear of our real lives more bearable by comparison.  That, and well, the Zombie targets the “bleed” can be kind of fun to shoot!

Our nation is having a tough time.  Since the terror attacks in 2001 nothing has been quite the same.  For most of us that was the first terror attack in our memory.  Pearl Harbor Hawaii was attacked Dec 7, 1941.  I’ve been there, there are still bullet holes in some of the buildings, they opted not to repair them as a reminder of that tragedy.  It would be 60 years before we once again felt that fear. Interestingly 4 Zombie movies were released in 1942 and 43.  That was a lot in those days, when the turnaround time for a film was longer.

Zombies are tenacious, they don’t give up, they keep coming despite the odds.  That is actually a positive model for us in troubled times, and contributes to their popularity.  So, in researching this post I actually went from an attitude of “this is pretty lame” to “BRING IT ON!”.  Zombies give us a safe release for fear, encourage a “we can do this and survive” attitude and…they are Fun!

Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse!!

Lynne Finch-Charlesworth

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