Our Friends at Elite Defense

As many readers of our GST, GSM, and GLBS blogs know, we practice what we preach which is to be educated about the products in the firearms’ marketplace. There is no substitute to being a conscientious gun owner and than knowing what is cutting edge in the market place–and shooting and finding out what works for you in any given situation.

A few months ago, our friends at Elite Defense in Dexter, Michigan opened their warehouse doors–literally under lighting provided by flashlight after a water problem fried their electricity and delayed the backup generator from switching on–so we could see, try on and understand what the newest, latest, and greatest products in the market places.

All of this from premiere military OEM manufacturers like Veltor, US Palm, First Spear, Tango Down, MSA, accutact, GEMTECH, and EOTech. Each of us had our favorite. Mine included the Soviet T-72 tank replica. However, let’s face it, it is unlikely I am going to make a HALO jump, swim to shore, and face hostile fire at any time in the future.

Thus, my pragmatic side took control to find what I could and would use every time I went shooting. I was immediately drawn to the MSA (formerly Sordin) behind the head mount ear protection, or as MSA calls it, the “MSA SUPREME PRO-X EAR MUFF WITH NECKBAND, BLACK”.

A few months later I had the chance to fully put the Supreme Pro X through its paces, including the gel ear hygiene kit, that makes the head to protective muffs almost 1/4 inch thick. I could wear my Bonnie hat over it with my eye pro temples still sealing. I did this at Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s First Annual Sporting Clays event, and got to shoot a new Perazzi O/U shotgun.

This combination was nothing short of amazing, with the centerpiece being the Supreme Pro X ear pro. It immediately squelched the gunfire without the “clipped” sound some cheaper electronic hearing protection does, while allowing for normal conversation. All the while, it still allowed for good fit and coverage of the Bonnie hat and comfortable fit of the eye pro.

Unless of course you have them turned up for the sake of it–in which case you can actually hear the sound of a breaking blade of grass as you step on it. If you want the latest products at a reasonable price, and in stock, we at GST, GSM, and GLBS, encourage you to visit Elite Defense on-line store. Their selection and in-stock inventory is unmatched, except by knowledgeable customer service by those who have “been there, done that.” Their webstore is accessible at elitedefense.com.

We hope you find what you are looking for at elitedefense.com.

This blog post was written by attorney Bryan L. Ciyou, Ciyou & Dixon, P.C.,who practices firearms law in Indiana. I write, lecture, teach and am available for consultation on the topic of firearms law for all 50 states.

Elite Defense, well done. You make us proud to be Americans.

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